Wat Arun, or the temple of dawn, is a sight you cannot miss if you’re travelling through one of the many klongs.


While already an impressive sight during daytime, it’s said to be most impressive when the sun sets and baths the entire building in its soft golden light.


When we visited Wat Arun, the temple was under renovation, so right now there is not that much to see. But hopefully the temple will be free of the scaffolding soon.



The prang ( = tower of the temple) in the middle is more than 80 meters high, making it the highest in Thailand. Almost right across the river on the other side is the Grand Palace. Normally one can approach the prang in the middle and have a closer look at the Chinese porcelain which were used to decorate the tower. Around that main are a four prangs, which are smaller, however.

Wat Arun is impressive and an eye catcher, but when you’re on the area itself, there’s also more to see: the main prayer room, the four pavilions around the central prang and the cloister which hosts more than 100 Buddha images. Quite a sight! The open air pavilions are also lovely to look at.

The Wat Arun opens daily from 8 am until 5:30 pm. Admission is 50 Thai Baht per person.


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Published by Patricia K