Chaweng is the biggest city on Koh Samui and if you are interested in shopping and some action during the evening – you should definitely visit this spot!


When you don’t sleep there, just take one of the local taxis and let yourself be taken to the city of Chaweng. The driver will probably drop you off somewhere in the big shopping street and from there you’re good to go.

During daytime you can spend some time on the beach where you’ll be greeted by lots of sunshine and a very soft sand. It’s very inviting to take a walk and simply enjoy the view. However, as you can see in the picture, the water is not the cleanest in the area, which is hopefully going to change in the following years. So, if you decide to take a swim, be careful that you don’t get caught in a net.



As soon as the sun sets, life begins to seep into the street. There are a lot of stores open all day, but you can also check out the small booths, the usual tourist shops or even go into the big shopping mall.

There are a lot of restaurants, but we only visisted one (and returned later) – the Islander , owned by the Canadian Dennis Hodgkin, offers great food at reasonable prices. The staff is incredibly helpful and it you want to watch some rugby games in good company, this bar is the spot for you!


The Central Festival is the big shopping centre in Chaweng, created as an open space with lots of stores, some of which you know from your european capitals, such as Starbucks. With opening times from 11am until 11pm, the spot gives you enough time to shop to your heart’s content.




Apart from these stores along the road and the shopping centre, you can also visit one of the night markets or the ‘Walking Street’, showing street performers, interesting food and creative goods you can buy for your friends at home. Just venture a bit off the main street and see what you can find there.




Later at night, if you’re in for some fun, you can enter one of the many cabarets and show rooms – we chose the Moulin Rouge Cabaret. They offer great costumes and a great choreographed dance show. Contrary to most others, they didn’t charge an entrance fee, however they require you to drink at least one drink for about 300Bhat. Which basically is their entrance fee. But it being so warm in Thailand, you cannot drink enough. So why not combine a good drink with a good show?


Published by Patricia K