Working late at night soon becomes a ritual of designers in general and for them to survive through many sleepless nights, delicious suppers are really needed. When the neighbours are falling asleep, I am quietly doing my job in an intolerable hunger for energy from food.

I remember the taste of spicy seafood selling along the streets of Bangkok in a sleepless night which seems to be long ago. Whenever wandering around crowded shopping malls, I found my self kept looking for friendly vendors with cool fruit juice and hot finger licking snacks.

Thai people have wonderful cooking skills, even an ordinary woman can offer delightsome "hunger treatments " with affordable prices. How I miss the savor of fried squid covered with Thai special sauce, half hot and half sour. Although, there are many similarities in cuisine between Vietnam and Thailand, I have never expected to know that they eat sticky rice as much as we eat normal rice.

Until now, when I am sitting next to my computer in a quiet room which is far away from the vivid pavements of Bangkok, I still wish to be there one more time and have Thai food for my supper...

Published by Khanh Hoa Vo Thi