I hate how I actually am so boy crazy. I just now accepted the fact that boys are my absolute weakness. They are just so fun to look at sometimes, and I can't help it! But, when it comes time to actually approach a boy and potentially make some kind of Nicholas Sparks relationship, I freeze. I tend to avoid my crushes at all costs because I am not capable to presenting myself well when someone attractive is breathing the same air molecules as I am. 

Anyway, there's this boy..

Oh dear lord this boy. He has a smile that kills me every time, and a laugh that just makes me sheepish. I first encountered him at the gym and unofficially introduced through a mutual friend. Ever since that blessed day, I saw him almost every time I came to the gym. When my first day of college classes started he sat right next to me and introduced himself properly. As days went by he slowly started talking to me about small stuff. We would make jokes, and he complimented my tattoo when I first got it (he was even the first to point it out when it was fresh). 

Then one day, I decided to put the Clorox logo into my mug and bring it to class because I ingest memes on a daily basis, and it would be funny to actually look like I'm drinking bleach. He noticed it and laughed and pulled out his jug of blue Gatorade and said, "I have Windex, I should do that with my mug and steal your idea!"

From there on, every time he sees me he would joke about the unhealthy amounts of bleach I would drink.  And I saw him everywhere at the most convenient times. 

I really wished I knew if he thought I was cute, but I need to drop this developing crush because I found out I worked with him.

I work as a recreational attendant for a pool, and at the time he was at a different location than I was. Since season was changing and everybody migrated to the heated pool facility, we got moved with different faculty. That's not why I cannot have a crush on him. He recently got promoted, so now he is my boss *cries and screams*.

I savored all those moments he laughed at my jokes, though. Honestly, if it wasn't for me bringing a cup of bleach to class we would remain silent as we sat next to each other listening to our lecture. But damn, that smile of his made this situation even harder. Thanks to my bleach mug, we had something to talk about and laugh over.



Published by Angel Victorio