Thassos was our first encounter with the Greek islands and Greece altogether, for that matter. And I of all people rarely talk about love at first sight, but this lonesome little island in northern Greece, just blew away my mind. The moment we set foot on the island, it was somehow decided that I would take it upon myself to never end my Greek journeys here. My tale of the island of Thassos will not be as adventurous as the others I've shared so far. This will be a story about taking time. The luxury of not minding time only happens when you're young. And as such, you'll probably find that, the awareness of time truly comes of age, when youth is but a flicker of the long forgotten past.  And I've been thinking a lot about how to compress life, so that I am again permitted to waste time.  Unfortunately, that ship has long set sail. Between a passion and a job, time is but a feeble remembrance of how fast I have to move before it entirely runs out.  But I do remember being more lenient to myself...tolerant of my not having to deal with anything else but one singular moment of tranquillity and utter delight. And my earliest memories of that are definitely on the beautiful island of Thassos. Now, the island of Thassos is not complicated at all. Even though a little bit edgy and tough, you will have no problem with driving mainly across the coastline, where the big roads are. We stayed with this perfect little boutique hotel called Louloudis. They have nicely furnished rooms, an appealing design, and, most importantly, an unbelievable beach, which is in walking distance of the hotel ( 3 minutes tops). So you might have guessed, that, in Thassos,  we didn't actually do much, but lay around purposely in the sun. And I wouldn't necessarily allow myself to say this, but I kind of miss it: all that time...unconditioned, unlimited, unreserved.

Also called the Emerald Island due to its lush vegetation, Thassos will give you plenty of opportunities to shade away from the sun. The beaches will almost certainly be guarded by trees and natural shadows that cool you down. Paradise Beach is believed to be the most beautiful of them all. Pretty much as its name foretells, Paradise Beach is this prime  in the midst of everything else, this secluded strip of land over-shadowed by rocks that you can't actually see the top of. The waters here are most appreciated for the scenery: a petite island not far from the shores, that you get to gaze at all day long. As we were sitting around, having our beers on Paradise Beach, we used to make up these stories about who lives there, if anybody, and about how if we were to live there ourselves, we would make the best of our every moment, away from the world itself.

If there were more than recreation to our trip to Thassos., I would tell you all about it. But, this time, I truly cannot speak of anything else but the memory of a gem on the northern banks of the Aegean Sea. However, it is because of Thassos that I have always considered Greece my home away from home, my one and only place next to the sea. Thassos, I fell in love with at first sight. And that's just little to say about how much first impressions count.

And as I have yet to honour this post with a conclusion, I will say this: I wish there were more talk of Thassos, than there is of war. I wish people would make a job of discovering the world, instead of locking themselves up in a cubicle. I wish we could all meet up someday, on an island far away, where we would  gladly feast ourselves on the adventures we wouldn't dare to starve ourselves of. I wish there were more living involved with this life. And most of all, I wish living wasn't all that hard to come by.

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Published by Marcela Presecan