That feeling you get after you pray;

The feeling of strengthen and peace that fills your body;

 And in that very feeling is what allows your

Faith to come alive, knowing everything is going to be ok;

 A feeling of being wrapped in comfort and confined by nothing.

While at the same time not being physically touched. Warmth; surrounding your physical presences as God wraps your every motion in all of His goodness, favor and mercy.

As if you were now a baby being cuddled by your father. Wrapping your whole body in this feeling of safety; comfort; peace and over whelming joy.  

Be at peace in Gods arms; and in love with his word. May all your thoughts and struggles be released into this notion of knowing even with no understanding; everything has been, and will be ok!

Thank you father for always wrapping be in unconditional love and Joy;

 Building my faith to be everlasting, and my thoughts to be steadfast on you.   

Thank you Heavenly Father, Thank you J

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews