So, since it's Throwback Thursday I'm going to blog about a beautiful day that I spent down in Downtown L.A. way way back, last week to be exact. ;) ok, so it's not that way back, but I couldn't resist. This blog I'm going to nerd out about modern art. I love art museums, going through each level.. each display and capturing a moment of another persons insight through their work. I love Downtown L.A., the museums, shopping, restaurants and just the city life in general. It is definitely city life, nothing but the good 'ol hustle and bustle in L.A..

The Broad is a modern art museum located within walking distance of the Metro, plenty of places to eat and across the street from the Disney Concert Hall. It's free admission, however you can reserve tickets online if you know what day and time you'd like to go. Which I did because free admission doesn't guarantee you entrance. So many people wait hours in line that you'd think we're all trying to get into to the hottest club in town. 4-5 hour wait and depending what time you get there there's a chance you'll be turned away. It's artfully mad. ;)

The museum has three levels.. the first level had the coolest and most beautiful exhibit called the Infinity Room by Yayoi Kusama, an 87 year old Korean woman who has a disorder causing her to see different illusions. She uses her disorder as inspiration for her exhibits and pieces. The Infinity Room is a small dark room that has LED lights hung from the ceiling at different lengths, a small bridge to stand on that's surrounded by water and mirrored walls encompassing. This small room looks vast and endless. It is truly amazing.

The second floor had exhibits that were more special event type. The third floor, however, had all kinds of amazing pieces from paintings to sculptures, all different sizes and textures. Pieces of art that created a stir of emotions. The more metallic and brightly colored stirred a more playful atmosphere. Some piece had a dark even disillusioned feel to them. Even though I absolutely loved all of the pieces, especially the playful ones because I do indeed need that happy flow in my life to balance everything out, I related more to the darker pieces. I'd even say that a sense of calm somewhat washed over me while studying the more disturbed. This got me thinking (shocker), our younger generations has a high percentage of anger and sadness in their lives. They must because I know that my more sorrowful writing comes from my dark place and my past. Darkness just doesn't exist, it's born from negative experiences. I'm not bashing in any way, the art was hauntingly beautiful. Nothing, but admiration is what I have towards those gifted artists. It just saddens me a bit to know that the people residing on this gorgeous planet have too much sorrow in their minds.

Anyways, back to those happy thoughts. After perusing the museum, it was off to the best place for some delicious eats. Yep, I'm referring to Grand Central Market, about 2 1/2 blocks from The Broad. This place is multi-leveled, filled with fresh produce, meats and everything else to purchase for cooking up a storm at home. In the mix of all the markets are bars to sit at and pick your poison. From Mexican to Italian, Korean to Classic eats with dessert places tucked in between. The smells that whaft through the air is intoxicating. First stop, Belcampo's of course for way too many delicious fries with homemade ketchup and the famous Belcampo burger. All of the ground beef is grass fed and all fresh ingredients. A 1/3 lb burger cooked to order (medium of course) with aged American cheese, fresh bib lettuce, house sauce and caramelized onions. I don't say this often, but OMG!!! Best burger ever! After dinner, one must never leave without stopping at McNally's Ice Cream. Homemade ice creams, floats and shakes. I ordered the Breakfast of Champions shake. You ready for this, this shake is made with there sweet cream ice cream and corn flakes. That's it, it's like your morning cereal in shake form. Awesome!

So, what are your favorite types of museums?



Published by Derra Sabo