May it be a Friday or a Saturday night, it’s always nice to chill with your buddies over some really good food. Food of choice? Something that’s savory, affordable and absolutely delicious! It just gets the bonding and good stories started. Good thing we were welcomed by this city where good food  is the number one priority. 🙂

For the main dish, their ribs were definitely GOOD. Wait, scratch that. GREAT. Just great! 😀 Call me biased for loving ribs or anything with barbecue but I kid you not when I say it was really good. It was very tender that it was easy to take the meat off the bone. The marinade, which was the recipe of the owner’s dad, had that right tangy flavor. As much as I loved slathering it with more bbq sauce, it was good without that. 😛

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Published by The Hungry Employee