I can remember going on a trip up north with my parents.  At one point we had to cross a large river to get to a town on an island.  There were large canoes that could be hired to take people across and each canoe held about 15 adults.  I can remember sitting near the back enjoying the excitement of the ride and looking back at the man steering the canoe with a small outboard motor.  He held the handle of the motor with one hand and with the other he was bailing water out of the canoe with a small can.  My excitement disappeared.  As it turned out there was no real problem and we safely reached the other side.

    There have been many spiritual situations in my life where I felt like I was in a boat and bailing water, but my bailing was not keeping up with the water coming in.  What do we do when life takes on that picture?  In Psalms 3:4, David gives us an example of what to do.  “I cried unto the LORD with my voice, and he heard me out of his holy hill.” (KJV)  We don’t need long, fancy prayers.  We only need to call out and God will hear.

Published by Ray Richards