So I have been on this journey of life with many obstacles and just as many handles to hold me up through travel. So just as I land in the place I should be, trauma strikes me in the form of illness. As if I was in quick sand for three years, caught in sickness I never thought I could be free of. I was not born to be this way, to suffer from illness when life had already done a number on me several times. Still I rise with joy and happiness because my soul is with purpose.


I once felt like I did so much in life but really did nothing, yet I did. Never finding my thing. You know the thing that let's you know it's your thing. I have done many different things in life but never a feeling of contentment in doing so. I know I have a purpose more than my life and currents needs.I just couldn't find it. A passionate person in many things. I love to write about so much, once I start I can't stop and I love that quality.  I published a few things years back but life to my focus, than my sickness took my spirit and passion.


So I was sick first year diagnosed with a thing (Fibromyalgia). Continued to be ill and see doctors, by my third year of illness I was diagnosed with fibro, chronic fatigue (in bed 17-20 hours daily) arthritis, chronic pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, nerve damage and many more things. So I asked myself why am I so much worse since I have been going to the doctors? I do what they tell me to, I take medications and I looked and felt dead.


Three years of treatment with many specialist and every time I went to a new doctor, I had a new health issue. I realized the medications I was taking were only making me worse. So I stopped all visits to the doctors, stopped taking medications.Fast forward, (years later) to present day I have completely turned my health around. I only see doctors for blood work as they are amazed at what I have done for myself. Jokingly ask me what is my secret, yeah no!


I researched, I studied thousands on thousands of hours of study and went through trial and error. Figuring out what worked and what didn't. Spent money but my life is worth it.


First I rid the chronic fatigue and then I began to eat an extremely healthy diet. I began to really educate myself in every way possible. Then the rest followed, I accomplished my task with supplements and vitamins, healthy eating, plenty of water and I have done what many label as impossible. What I accomplished was not easy in any way and I put a lot of time and effort into it. Some people feel  because I am not a doctor or scientist, what I did was not real or maybe I was misdiagnosed. So I ask, why is their knowledge valid and mine is not? I scare them because the truth is near and at some point it will have to be accepted maybe not from me but from someone.


My thought on that is, people who are ill and have been for so long lost hope and accepted the illness because no one gave them reason to fight it. I completely understand giving up is easier than fighting with yourself because with these illnesses that is what we are faced with. It's scary to think about what if it works and they can get better, healthy again, be the strong person they once were. Live life as they once did, enjoying the simple things. With fibromyalgia you are stuck, you can do nothing because everything is so painful. Who am I to come along and say hey I found away to eliminate all this pain and discomfort. I am that person who lived the life of pain and discomfort to the extreme and I will not be a victim any longer. My attempts to be healthy again have finally brought me in my right place mind, body and soul.I found my purpose in life. In process of becoming a health coach and writing my book on my system. For all those that will doubt me, there will be thousands more who cheer me on.


My  website has been live since June 2016, (  to spread the word to people who don't want to be a victim and do not want to suffer any longer. I reach out to people on many avenues to spread hope to people and share my information. I can't imagine anyone wanting to continue this suffering. I understand the fear of the unknown but the fear of not knowing if tomorrow you can walk I would think is worse, in fact I know it is.


So I continue to do what I do and in the mean while I am the author of an upcoming book which is not titled as of yet but is in the making. Briefly detailing my journey and much to do with healing. I will reveal everything I did and used to eliminate all my illnesses and health issues. My website has detailed and helpful information on things a person suffering can do to start the journey of being healthy again.


I know many people out there want to get better but don't know how. I have the tools to assist in getting people healthy and living life to the fullest. For years I would ask every doctor question about fibromyalgia and things in connection to it. I could never get a straight answer or one that made sense. How are doctors treating people for an illness they do not understand and they give medications not knowing how people will react to it.


Fibromyalgia is a wicked illness, I would never wish it on anyone. For those who don't know about it Thank God you do not have it. If you know someone who is suffering please link them to me or my website.


It was in my own illness that I discovered my THING was WELLNESS, not just mine but everyone's.

THANK YOU FOR READING..... be kind and share or like thanks again....

Published by Josephine Conde