Most of us have goals that we would like to reach.

We work hard towards reaching them. We device a strategy or just know it deep within how we are going to make it. Many a times we conquer the challenge and then again there are times that the goal seems like a mirage. The more we walk towards it, the more further it seems to be. This can get tiring - and each one of has experienced this tiredness at some point or another.

Here is something to re-focus you - when you feel that tiredness seeping into your soul. 

When you walk the long uphill path filled with challenges, there are a few things you will need to remember.

1) Believe that you will reach the summit (or your goal)

2) Know deep inside your heart that if you don’t give up you will make it.

3) Rest your body and mind periodically by taking small breaks, away from the challenge.

4) Rejuvenate your spirits by indulging in activities that you enjoy doing. Undertake a physical activity (running, walking, swimming, painting) or more that will refresh you and give you the required amount of motivation to get back to work.

5) If you feel disheartened, use the short-term R & R exercise “Refresh & Refocus” (ref: My Blog “Are you feeling disheartened” dated 21st August 2012)

6) Review your goal periodically. You will find that you are getting a clearer idea of what you want to achieve and are fine-tuning it as you go along.

7) Review your method periodically. You will find that you are eliminating methods that are not working and adding on methods that you think might work.

8) If you find yourself lacking in resources then take a small break and fill up on those. For example: If you need to learn something new that will help you achieve your goal – go ahead and learn. This time you take off is not wasted, instead it is the investment that you are putting in towards achieving your goal.

9) Learn to convert even the worst criticism that comes your way - into constructive criticism. Find something in there that you can use to propel yourself forward. Learn to stay out of the circle of negativity that criticism can easily push you towards. (More on this topic is coming up on my blog).

And finally

10) Never ever ever evvvver lose sight of your desired goal/destination.




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