A renovation doesn’t always require a complete overhaul. Have you ever noticed how great you feel when you add something new to your home? The rush of seeing something new in your space is exciting, and of course a different look is always more interesting to the eye. Unfortunately, it’s not realistic to have regular renovations done on your home. Not only are they costly, they’re also time-consuming. But we’re going to let you in on a secret: you don’t need to invest in all new furniture, paint and decor to get this same feeling. A seasonal switch-up of existing pieces can provide the same excitement of a renovation, and keep your home looking fresh without breaking the bank. Here are a few tricks for a 1-day renovation.

Reimagine Your Artwork

That artwork doesn’t have to stay in that same spot forever, you know. There are a number of creative ways you can take the existing pieces you have—think art, prints, family photos, etc.—and make them look new. One of our Decor Aid designers’ favorite tricks is to lean framed artwork against a wall instead of hanging it. It gives a more casual, artistic feel to something that can seem cold and sterile. Take one of your favorite pieces from off the wall and place them on top of a table or console, and simply lean the frame against the wall. You can even layer pieces, leaning smaller photos or prints against the larger ones, so that they compliment each other and work in tandem.

If you like the pieces you have and aren’t interested in adding more, try switching up the frames instead. Most people go for a traditional black, white, or wooden frame, but an accent color can further emphasize the room’s existing color scheme and bring new life to the piece it’s framing. Play around with color to see what best suits your room.

Refresh Your Throw Pillows and Blankets

Throws add a valuable pop of color to any space, and seem to always do the trick. If you’re in the market to switch up or expand the color scheme in your room without having to go through the process of repainting of buying new furniture, look to throw blankets and pillows for some direction. These are pieces you can find in any store at a variety of different price points. Really invest some thought into the colors you want to bring in through these items. Since couches and chairs are often the centerpieces of a room, your pillows will be on full display.

You can also seek out a throw to drape over your couch or chairs. Since blankets can be pretty sizable, this is a great opportunity to refine the core colors of your room and the aesthetic you want. Not only through the color of the blanket, but through the texture and weave as well. It can act as an important piece of the puzzle, and provides a great opportunity to fill your space with some more color. A throw blanket also makes the space seem cozier and more comfortable—so invest in something stylish and comfortable!

Add a Few Mirrors

Mirrors can have a big effect on the way that your room appears, spatially. Wishing you had a bigger space? Adding a mirror or two can make your room look bigger, through the way it implies more space, and because of the way the light bounces off of it. Aside from being a tool to expand your room, you can also choose a piece to act as a decorative statement. If there are areas in your room that appear tired and are lacking a little something extra, find a creative way to add a mirror and see how it changes the depth and appearance of your room.

Repurpose Older Items

Instead of spending a fortune to redecorate with new pieces, hunt down unused or neglected pieces that are already in your home. That means go through storage, hand-me-downs, or pieces that could find better use somewhere else. Don’t be afraid to get a little DIY with it, as it beats having to buy an entirely new item. Instead of tossing hand-me-down pieces that are collecting dust in your attic, try to image them in a new light and see if you can repurpose them to fit your present needs and decor. An old ceramic vase from Aunt Barbara may make a gorgeous planter in your newly redesigned living room. A sturdy wooden bench may be an unsightly brown, but try a crisp white coat of paint and see how it fits into an entryway.

Rearrange Displays

This is perhaps the easiest tip of all: rearrange your decor. Change up the placement on any display areas like shelves, tables, or consoles. Try pairing different items together based on size or color scheme. You’d be surprised at how new something can look when the scenery shifts. Just as we suggested moving art from the walls to tabletops, find unique and unexpected places for your decor.


Published by Samantha Brown