Dogs are always thought of as the friendliest, most rewarding family pet because of their loyalty, friendly nature and playfulness. However, not all dogs have the same personalities. Some breeds have been bred to become the perfect companions for young children. Others are far to sensitive or unsocial with children. This is where is helps to research the best dog breeds for families with children.

Below is a top 10 list of breeds that are highly regarded for their temperament with families. Before that, let’s look at some of the key features of these breeds.

Key features to look for with a good breed for families and children.

The first is obviously their temperament with the kids. Are they sweet, patient and able to deal with their antics. Or, are they overly sensitive and likely to snap? Then there is the issue of how easy it is to train them. Smart dogs that are easy to train can deal with families in an obedient, calm manner.

Families also need to look into the ease of care. Some breeds may have health and grooming issues that may make them more difficult to look after. Then there are the nergy levels. Are they too energetic for a family with no time to spare, too lazy for an energetic family or something in the middle?

Ideally, the perfect dog would be a hypoallergenic dog with minimal health risks, a gentle disposition and a desire to play. The following all have pros and cons, with the exception of the top 2.

The top ten dog breeds for families with children.

10) Beagle

Let’s start with the breed with the biggest issue. There are plenty of families that adore the beagle. They will find that its temperament and size are ideal for their needs. They don’t require too much exercise, but love playing with kids in the park. They are also calm and friendly with good socialisation. The problem is that they also have issues with their prey drive if not trained properly.

9) Collies

Some dog lovers might expect the collie to be higher up this list. This is a loyal, affectionate dog that is easy to train and can be great with children. The problem is they are very energetic, so require a lot of attention, and they have a desire to herd children. This issue is controllable, but only with good training.

8) Newfoundland

The Newfoundland might be a surprise entry here. There is a clear disadvantage here in the size of this dog. They take a lot of care and need plenty of space. However, those that can handle them feel that they are the perfect family dog because they are such giant giants. They also have a protective nature that makes them wonderful guardians.

7) Dalmatian

The Dalmatian is one that will divide opinion a little. Some people love this day as a family pet because they are affectionate and playful. They love being with the children, and Disney-loving children will adore the breed. Others will highlight some of the health issues that come with this breed. They can be prone to deafness, which means they could suffer in a family home.

6) Bulldog

The bulldog is a breed that has fallen out of favour a little. Many dog owners now prefer the smaller, slightly more timid French Bulldog instead. However, this small tough dog is great for families that want a playful, comical little friend. They are highly affectionate, but do have the disadvantage of health issues, especially breathing issues.

5) Poodle

The obvious reason to choose a poodle is that they are a hypoallergenic dog, which is perfect for families where kids have allergies. They are also a smart, playful dog that is easy to train and will love spending time with the kids. The potential downside here is that they will need some early socialisation to help them shed their more timid side.

4) Boxer

The boxer was born to be with families. They are incredibly keen on being around people and love the attention that comes with playtime. Children will love these animals and form close bonds with them. The only possible issue here is that they are a very hyperactive breed. This means that they really are best suited for active families with enough space.

3) Hungarian Vizla

This is another entry that some people may not expect. It isn’t as well known a breed as some of the others. This unfamiliarity can put some families off. However, this is a loyal, affectionate dog that is a great companion for kids and adults alike. They are also smart and can learn commands with ease.

2) Labrador Retriever

The top two dogs in this list won’t really surprise anyone. They have been family favorites for a long time, and that is unlikely to chance. The Labrador is one of the most common family pets because they are so sweet, affectionate and easy to care for. There are few major issues with this dog and they are great for first-time dog owners.

1) Golden Retriever

The top spot goes to the Golden Retriever, but there isn’t much to separate the two dogs. Both animals are very similar in their size and needs, and have very similar temperaments. The difference with the Retriever is that these dogs are incredibly gentle and patient with children, even those they haven’t met before. They are sweet, loyal companions.

Take your time to find the breed that is best for you.

This is just one list. There are many dog breeds with their different traits to consider. There are also many interesting cross breeds bred with families in mind. Key examples here include the goldendoodle and borador. Some families will agree wholeheartedly with this list. Others will have less well-known breeds of their own, and may insist that theirs is in fact the perfect choice.

While researching, you can visit this blog to learn more about dog breeds and dog training tips. This can help you discover more about the best dog breeds for families with children, and help you with your choice.

Published by Emily Rose