When I was being hooked up for my first round of chemotherapy, tears sprung to my eyes and my faith came under attack. What if this treatment didn't work? What if I went through the months of treatment prescribed and it didn't kill the cancer? Where was God at that moment? I felt alone, even though I have sat through more than enough sermons to intellectually know this wasn't the truth. I was the single mother of a nine year old child. I knew without a doubt where I would spend eternity, but the idea of leaving my daughter alone in this world filled me with fear. My ability to concentrate was shot that day, and I struggled to remain in prayer when I wasn't reacting to the chemotherapy. In this situation this book would have been a great book to have to read.

Fans of Max Lucado will find a comforting similarity in the writing style of this book. It gives a brief Bible verse and then an encouraging reminder as to what it can mean when the going gets tough. Its full of little reminders of grace, hope and love. For each verse there is give a few encouraging paragraphs to help the reader make concrete connections to the truth on display, making for a quick read rather than a full on theological discussion to wade through. Easy enough to read in one sitting, it would also make a fantastic book to dip in and out of whenever you felt the need for encouragement. Predominantly verses from the New Testament, it still gives more than a nod to Old Testament wisdom.

This is a terrific little book to have personally or to give to someone when you want to share some encouragement.


Published by Courtney Stuart