The previous edition of the E Class by Mercedes Benz did not get the AMG treatment, there was only an E550 variant, but if one wanted to go further than the C63 AMG coupe, one had to go the SL63, the SL65 or even the S coupe in the Amg variants.

Right now, Mercedes Benz admits it made a mistake not making the E63 AMG coupe, and they are ready to correct the mistake. They announced a maybe version of the coupe in with the innovated version of the M156 V8 engine. There was a power boost from 510 bhp in the old engine to reach 563 bhp in the 4 doors sedan, but the coupe will get the S treatment from AMG, which will make power rise from 563 bhp to 603 bhp. Racing from 0 to 60 mph is estimated to take 3.3 seconds, and the top speed is limited to 186 mph. Of course, there is a little fine to take off the limiters, and go beyond that.

It comes with the new technologies fitted in the E Class, a large comfortable interior, and all the buttons and gadgets, that "do things". Active break assist comes as a standard, it makes the breaking a lot smarter, automatically reduces the car speed when detecting an obstacle and warns the driver of an imminent danger on the road. It also comes with the same features on the saloon version, but smarter, and it is a step closer to autonomous driving. 

There is no price tag yet, but we are keeping open eyes and ears for the upcoming news from the Stuttgart Giant. 


Published by Lamouchi Mohamed Amine