Hey there Green Beauties! Allow me a quote from Game of Thrones: Winter is coming!

Freezing winds, drop of humidity and cold weather are putting in peril my already dry skin, so recently I felt the need to revamp my trusty old products that are staples in my Winter skincare routine. A lifesaver for my dry patches is a good old homemade Cold Cream. This is a simple yet very moisturizing product that belongs to ancient times, the Roman physician Galen is allegedly the creator of this formula which did not require advanced skills or a chemist background.

Cold Creams was my first ever DIY attempt back in the days when I was still a newbie in the Green DIY projects. it's such a simple moisturizer yet very nourishing made with three simple ingredients: oils, beeswax, water.

Beeswax is essential in this preparation as it works as emulsifier holding the oil and water together and thickening the composition, it also leaves a protective layer onto the skin which is a Godsend to create a shield against harsh weather.  You can choose your favourites oils and butters according to the needs of your skin I like to opt for rich and nutritive ingredients like extra virgin olive, avocado oil, argan oil and shea butter.

The key ingredient for a 24 Karat look is Sea Buckthorn oil. The orangy hues of this oils deliver an amazing golden finish to the Cold Cream. You can also use Rosehip oil or Carrot oil for the same purpose.

The Recipe


For 100 ml of Cold Cream:

  • 60 ml of oils ( I went for 20 ml of Sea Buckthorn oil + 15 ml of Shea butter + 25 of Sacha Inchi oil)
  • 20  ml of Beeswax
  • 20 ml of water

Melt your beeswax and oils in a bowl (I use the double boiler method), when everything melted together it's time to warm up your water and, as you are mixing the concoction with an electric whisker, pour the water into your bowl. The right temperature is the key: oils and water should have the same temperature!


You will notice that water and oil will emulsify together in a creamy texture. Keep whisking until it cools down.

And Voilà it looks amazing!


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