Your bed should be the epitome of comfort. Every day as you step out of your slippers and into your bed, you should feel your body relax. The key component that decides the defining qualities of a bed is its mattress. Your mattress will determine your sleep quality, restoration levels, and general day-to-day performance. A bed should help you fall asleep in your favorite postures and allow you to stay asleep even when your partner decides to change sides.

Here are a few mistakes you should never make while shopping for a new mattress –

Buying a mattress because firmer is better

A very old, undying myth states that firmer mattresses are better for your joint health. Unless you tend to sleep on your back the majority of the times, a hard mattress is not a great idea. Side sleepers require softer mattresses that can accommodate the folds of their elbows and knees. Choosing too hard a mattress can increase nighttime cramps and morning numbness of the limbs. Additionally, an overly hard mattress can also exacerbate back problems. That does not mean that all soft mattresses are excellent. You should always consult a sleep expert or a physician to find out which type will do justice to your bone health. 

Believing that modern mattresses don’t cause allergies

While shopping for new mattresses, allergies are not the first thing that comes to mind. Apart from being allergic to the latex in certain mattresses, you can be allergic to foam or the stuffing that makes the mattress so soft. Some mattresses and complementary pillows have feather filling that can have people with allergies sneezing all night long. That is certainly not a pleasant experience for anyone. Allergies are no better than sleep disorders since both can potentially prevent restorative sleep. Opt for mattresses and pillows that come with hypoallergenic filling only. They might cost you a few bucks extra, but they will save you from a lot of sniffling wakeful nights.

Not paying enough attention to the bed topper

Mattresses toppers are the ultimate investment you will ever make after buying a mattress. You will find pocket-friendly natural latex and cotton toppers. They are easy on the pockets, but they are not the best choices for people prone to allergies. You can give your regular mattress an upgrade by choosing a memory foam or a gel mattress topper. Just like in case of mattresses, a topper with synthetic materials inside does not aggravate allergies irrespective of season. Using a topper also prevents staining of the mattress from sweat or food. This keeps the mattress warranty valid for years to come. In addition to everything else, a good topper preserves the integrity of the mattress and keeps it in shape for at least the next ten years.

Shopping for mattresses can send the best of the pro shoppers into a tizzy. You need more than a smartphone and a credit card to shop smartly for the right mattress. Different people have different needs for their bedtime, and as soon as you can realize your unique needs, you will be able to focus on the defining characters of your perfect mattress.  

Published by silv Watson