We tend to make living a successful life more complicated than it needs to be. It’s human nature to want to overcomplicate even the simplest concepts, because we can’t seem to get how something could be that simple. We often maintain this ideal to stop our- selves from being successful. Sure, life is difficult and it can be hard, but that’s how it was designed to be. Achieving success isn’t as difficult as you might think, just use these 3 principles. 

1. Begin with what you can control.

If you are like most people, you spend too much time worrying about things that are outside of your control. These things cause you stress because you spend your day focusing on how terrible your situation is rather than how you can change your situation.
For example, you can’t control your lack of exercise in the past. There is no value in wasting energy focusing on the past. Instead, learn from your mistakes and make changes.

What you can control is how you re- act when those curveballs are thrown at you. Your mind is your most powerful tool. There is no quick fix. You need to be willing to do the time. Build upon a strong mental foundation and shape your world. 

2. Intentionally develop a process to build momentum. 

Your developed mind is a tool to be use proactively in attaining your goals. You can use it to develop a process to build momentum to reach your goals. Momentum can be tough to build, but there are countless rewards. The concept is easy, but the execution can be difficult. You will build confidence in yourself once you develop a process that works for you. This process will work no matter what goal you are trying to achieve.

You build momentum by making yourself feel like you are a winner who can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Look for inspiration from within through visualization of self! Imagine yourself in the future having reached your goals and being who, what and where you want to be! Failure is not an option. 

3. View the world using a value- based model. 

 Strolling through life aimlessly is what will cause you to become lost. You can increase how effective you are by using a set of values to guide you. Your value based system is relative to how you visualize your- self. You must know within your- self that rich, famous and success- ful people hold no more value than you! Everything you do should be guided by this value-based model. You don’t want to get left behind because you were mediocre. You al- ways want to give your most based on your value model.

Implement these 3 fundamental principles into your life and begin to enjoy the benefits and the success. 



Published by Harkhuf Tehuti