If you’re looking to utilize the services of a PEO company, there are probably certain standards you’re expecting that company to adhere to. Things like reliability, quality, and a deep understanding of human resource services. Your PEO service should have of all of these qualities and more, which is why we’ve listed these five companies as the best of 2019. Keep reading to learn which ones made the list.

1. Insperity

Insperity gets the number one spot on our list for 2019 for a few reasons. Not only has the company received excellent reviews from customers and critics alike, but the company’s flexibility and numerous service packages help set them apart from the competition.

Insperity focuses on customizing the PEO experience to your business’s specific needs. That’s a level of focus that is rarely found in the PEO world, where most providers adopt a “one size fits all” method for their services. While this certainly has its place, a customized experience is usually a more successful one.

The company offers a wide variety of services, from safety training and employee onboarding to handbook and company policy development and implementation. The company has incredible training resources at its disposal, with close to 15,000 digital books and over 3,000 online training classes.

Insperity is accredited by both the ESAC and the IRS, so you can be sure that you’re working with a legitimate and well-recognized company for your PEO services. Overall, considering the multitude of services that Insperity provides, its accreditations, and overall superior customer service make it the number one PEO service of 2019.

2. ADP

ADP is a close second to Insperity, being one of the most-used PEO services in the country. ADP performs more than just payroll services. TotalSource is ADP’s flagship service package, providing safety training, OSHA compliance services, benefits solutions, and more. To learn more, visit ADP here.

ADP serves over 500,000 employees in the United States, making it one of the widest-reaching PEO services available. The company has earned itself an excellent reputation in the PEO world for incredible customer service and quality services.

The team at ADP are dedicated to providing the best customer service experience in the industry. Courteous, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable, they’re sure to help you get your business set up with a PEO package that works for you.

If at any time you need customer support, the company boasts three different lines of communication; from live chat to phone calls to emailed service requests. This level of dedication to the customer is what makes ADP our number two pick for 2019.

3. TriNet

TriNet has an impressive contract list, serving over 15,000 companies and thousands of employees. TriNet takes a different approach to the PEO industry, focusing largely on small businesses. With no minimum employee requirements like other PEO services, even the smallest businesses can benefit from TriNet’s impressive list of services.

Form performance management services to safety training to payroll processing, TriNet can help your small business better manage their finance and human resource needs. When you’re first getting started in the business world, getting payroll set up (and working correctly) can quite the hassle. You’ve got a million other concerns as a small business owner, so why not leave payroll to the experts?

Another great advantage of TriNet is its industry-specific service teams. With industry knowledge, the support team will be able to better serve the needs of your company. It can be frustrating to discuss industry-specific issues with someone who doesn’t understand the industry. That’s where TriNet truly shines.

So if you’re running a small business and are unsure where to start with PEO service, TriNet is definitely a good beginning. You’ll be able to eliminate the stress of payroll and HR services so you can focus on growing your business and serving your customers. If you’re in NY, you can find New York PEO services on Carefulcents.com.

4. Paychex

Paychex is a PEO company that serves both small and medium-sized businesses. Its services include everything from HR services to payroll and beyond. The company is flexible, reliable, and maintains a high standard of quality for the services it provides.

With proper accreditation through the IRS and ESAC, the company is as legitimate as it gets. In fact, it’s one of only a small percentage of PEOs that the ESAC has accredited. That’s pretty impressive and attests to the company’s high standard of excellence.

With a dedicated customer support base, you’ll be cared for throughout your relationship with the company. Any questions will be answered quickly, and mistakes addressed as promptly as possible.

5. Oasis

With a large customer base of over 8,000 companies, Oasis makes our list of the top 5 PEO companies for a few reasons. The company is one of the largest in the industry, with thousands of employees and their resources being managed with Oasis.

Human resources, payroll, and benefits management are just a few of the services this great company has to offer. Services also include training and risk management such as worker’s compensation and onsite safety inspections.

Oasis is a company with a great reputation for its customer service and flexibility. You can reach the support team via phone or email so all of your questions and concerns will be addressed swiftly and accurately.


When it comes to PEO services, not just any company will do. Each of these top five has proven time and time again why they’re the best; from excellent customer support and pricing to service variety and quality, these five companies provide the standard for the industry.


Published by Samantha Brown