Tweaking a motorcycle, especially a popular and well beloved brand such as Yamaha is not hard at all. It is also not costly. Having been around since 1887, Yamaha engines have gotten better with time. Perhaps this is why it is so easy and affordable to improve Yamaha bikes. Some tweaks can cost money and some need not cost you anything, just a little energy.

Here are five cheap ways to improve your Yamaha bike:

Tweak The Suspension

This is cheap; actually it should cost you nothing at all. When you buy your Yamaha bike, you should adjust the suspension to suit your height and weight. When the suspension is not right, you will notice that the bike does not run or handle very well.

Before you meddle with the bike’s suspension, you should monitor the laden sag, that is, the height difference when the bike is loaded with your weight (in full riding gear) and when it is empty.

What you need is a sag of between 25mm – 35mm if you love a more stable handling. If your main concern is comfort, then you should probably increase the laden sag. There will be some measuring to do, so do make sure you have the tools for the job.

Clean The Bike Often

This should actually be the first thing that you should do for your bike. Clean it often. If you have a dirt bike, clean it more often. When you clean the bike, pay special attention to the undercarriage.

When the bike is clean, you will easily notice things that need to be looked after. It could be a loose nut, scratched metal or torn plastic. It is just more noticeable when the bike is sparkling clean. Polish the chrome parts of your bike. That should make the bike look brand new.

Cleaning the bike also protects the aluminum and chrome parts from scratches and glazes. When cleaning, note the tire status, brake pad thickness, fluid levels, sprocket damage and chain slack.

Buy A Slip-On Muffler

A slip-on muffler for Yamaha is not exactly cheap, but it should make your bike something to admire. If you can make it 4 inches, the sound alone should make your bike sound like a performance bike. The deep rumble of sound coming from your bike should turn heads.

Check The Transmission System Often

The chain action heats up things down there, making it prone to damage. You should keep it lubricated. If not lubricated, it could damage easily, loosen up and even fall from the sprocket.

Brake Pads And Lines For Better Stopping Power

Upgrade the brake lines and pads. This shouldn’t cost you more than $200. You may try braided stainless steel lines or the ones coated with Kevlar. Buy aftermarket brake pads especially if yours are less than 2mm. Check the fluid too and be ready for increased topping performance.


Improving your Yamaha bike’s performance should not always cost you money. But adding or replacing some parts with best Yamaha aftermarket parts can make your bike run better and look nicer. If replacing parts is mandatory, you can also choose from OEM bike parts available online. 

Published by Whitney Morgan