With cannabis creating such a huge buzz in the public eye in recent years, its cousin hemp has also shared the limelight. For many years, hemp has been seen in a bad light because of its association with cannabis. Hemp, as a matter of fact, offers the many benefits that cannabis also offers without the altered mental state commonly associated with cannabis. It is, therefore, a far more beneficial plant than most people realize.

What is Hemp?

Plain and simple, hemp is an industrial plant that is a strain of the Cannabis sativa. It is primarily grown to produce a whole host of products from paper, textile, clothing, biofuel, food, and many more. It is also considered one of the fastest growing plants around which only boosts its popularity for commercial use.

Like its cousin, hemp also contains THC, the compound in marijuana that induces its psychoactive effect. But unlike cannabis, hemp only contains a small amount of THC and higher levels of CBD, another active compound in cannabis plants that have a lot more health benefits than THC. I always prefer to buy my weed online through reliable online dispensaries which offers legal, safe access to high-quality medicinal marijuana.


Hemp and its Benefits

 Skin Health

The oil derived from hemp is great at revitalizing our skin. In fact, many people have used hemp oil for many decades as a skin moisturizer. The vitamins present in hemp oil helps to keep skin healthy and glowing and have even been proven to decrease the occurrence of breakouts. The fatty acids in hemp oil not only nourish the skin but because of the presence of CBD in the oil, inflammation is decreased, making the skin looking much younger and firmer.


 Brain Health

The fatty acids that are present in hemp oil can also be very good for the health of our brain. The brain requires a huge amount of energy to function properly, the power that it derives from fats and carbohydrates from our food. Fatty acids from hemp oil not only provide energy to the brain but it can also protect it from inflammation. CBD is another reason why this is the case as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

 Heart Health

Studies have been done to reveal the benefits that hemp oil offers for the heart. Although the studies conducted have used animal models as recipients, the researchers have proven that hemp oil has the potential at addressing a lot of heart conditions that many people suffer from. Hemp oil can be an alternative cure for high blood pressure. It can also stop or reverse the hardening of our blood vessels. And hemp oil can also help to lower our cholesterol levels.

 Pain Relief

Much like cannabis, hemp oil is also effective at managing pain, especially chronic pain. The CBD that hemp oil contains has anti-inflammatory properties, and inflammation is one reason behind the occurrence of pain.

Muscle Tension

Ingesting hemp oil is not the only way it produces its full benefits. Many athletes and therapists have used hemp oil in relieving the tension from muscles. It is great for massages and after workout routine to help relax our muscles and even help decrease muscle pain.




Published by Mohsin Ahsan