Having a nice garden is a sight to behold; it adds color and beauty to your home sweet home.

 Most people are cultivating the habit of gardening. Not only do they find it as a good form of exercise, but it’s also an excellent way of reducing their stress level and clearing their mind.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned gardener, it is inevitable that you commit garden mistakes. Below are the most common garden mistakes that most people are guilty of doing.

  1. Planting without a plan

Just like in any activities or endeavor that you commit to, planning is an integral part of the entire process.

If one day you woke up suddenly feeling the urge to indulge your green thumb, don't just start digging and planting mindlessly. You have to create a plan first before starting on your gardening.

It's better if you draw a plan of your garden so that you have an idea of how it will look like. Take into consideration the weather and special care when it comes to choosing what plant to put in your garden. Think of how much area your garden will consume also.

  1. Forgetting the sun

Sometimes, we’re obsessed with the overall appearance of our garden that we overlook some minor consideration. Though these groups of plants would look good if you place them right next to that cure dwarf figurine, you should take consideration if they will get all their needs.

One important thing that you should not overlook in lawn care is the sun. Make sure that your plants get their daily dose of sunlight for them to grow healthy and beautiful. Place them in a spot where there is direct sunlight exposure.

3. Overwatering

This is one of the most common mistakes made in gardening.

It turns out giving too much water will kill plants faster than giving too little.

Leaves that dropped, yellowish or rotting are the common tell-tale signs that you’ve been watering them too much.

How would you know if your plant is getting enough water?

Stick your finger into the soil near the base of your plant. Your plants need water if your finger is dry.

  1. Using little or no vegetation at all

If you want to have a healthy garden, vegetation or plant spacing should be considered as well. Your plants will have problem growing if they are crowded and spaced very closely.

If you have limited space in your garden, plant fewer plants instead. Having too many plants in a limited space will make them compete for water and sunlight.

  1. Planting out of season

Most of us have planted seeds that are not in season and watch them grow in the beginning then suddenly die. Seasons have a great impact on plants and this should be considered in gardening, especially in the countries that have a cold season.

It is important that you take timing and season into account. If you plant your tomatoes when it's too cold, chances are it will have a stunted growth and you will have low production. Planting them in the right season will make them grow healthy.

  1. Not using the right plants in the right place

In gardening, do you also consider that you are planting the right plant in the right place?

 Before digging in that soil and getting dirty, always take into consideration that the location is conducive to the growth of your plant.

Will this specific plant grow if directly hit by the sunlight? Do you need to put them in a more shaded area? Are they okay if they are planted near these particular plants?

7. Excessive ornamentation and so many garden accessories

Too much of something is bad enough. This also holds true in gardening. Though ornaments and accessories make our garden more attractive, having much of them could hinder your plants from growing healthily. They may block the sunlight or water that can cause your plants to wither and die. Moderation is the key when it comes to gardening.

Master your green thumb by avoiding these common gardening mistakes. A beautiful and healthy garden don’t just require your time and skills, it also needs careful planning.



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