G.Beauty and skin care have a new point of reference: Korea! Starting from BB cream a while ago, Korean beauty has become a massive trend. K-girls know better than anyone that keeping good care of the skin is the first step to have countless good skin days and prevent ageing.

Recently I've popped through a new K. skin care wave based on a simple yet amazing idea: if your skin is getting thirsty moist it up! Toners or essences may be the key products to maintain your skin well hydrated.

Basically, all you have to t is to apply your toner (also called "skin" by K-beauty gurus) over and over again, seven times as the method suggested. Don't waste time using cotton pads, pour some toner on your hands and gently pat the product directly on your face. When the toner is absorbed repeat the procedure again and again.

Why you have to apply your toner more than once?! Toners or Essences are made primarily with thin watery components (aloe vera, hydrosols, glycerine, plant extracts) that penetrate deeper into the skin surface rescuing dehydrated without the heaviness of a cream or lotion  

Which toner to use?! Avoid any products that contain alcohol or essential oils (they may be drying and irritate the skin) and opt for super hydrating toners or essences. Pay attention to the ingredient list: Aloe vera, glycerine, plant extracts, hyaluronic acid are supposed to give you all the amazing benefits that a thirsty skin is looking for. If you fancy a DIY toner/essence you may find a good one here!

When to apply?! Go with the 7 skin method after cleansing and before your serum/moisturizer routine. Start with 2-3 layers and then build your routine up to 7 applications.

Is it suitable for all skin types?! yes! this method can be used even by oily skin, in fact, toner and essences are made for boost the hydration without clogging pores or leave greasy residues.

Have you ever tried the 7 Skin Method?


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