Endurance. . .

Endurance. .


No matter how many times I read it, say it, type it - it still doesn't really sink in


In the midst of trials, it gets lost. In the moments that I "lose it", it's the furthest thing from my mind. And especially when I've overcome something (by the grace and mercy of Yahweh), I still don't think much about it.....

Until today. I was talking to a friend about always feeling like I'm going through something.... for real, it's always something. And she gracefully reminded me of the well-known James 1:2-3....

There it is again. . . endurance.

Then again in Romans. And Luke. And Timothy. And.... well, it's everywhere in the Word. 

It's no surprise though because He said it and that settles it. I have to realize that enduring will always have a big part in my living life and walking this thing out until the end. Whether I like it or not.

I don't feel like going into to details of how I got to this place - the fact of the matter is that I gotta endure. You gotta endure. We must endure.

Meanwhile. . . count it all joy.


Published by Michelle Huddleston