For the folding hammock to yield you the required levels of performance, there are certain issues you definitely have to get right. These touch on its handling, care, maintenance, and of course, storage. They are designed to keep the lucrative hammocks in the best shapes and forms at all times. We have sampled and are going to explain a couple of them in the below discussions.

Hammocks are very prone to dust. This stems from the fact that they are mainly utilized in areas that are out in the open. They sustain heavy winds and also get bombarded constantly with other contaminants. You do not want contract respiratory tract infections. This is why you should wash your hammocks thoroughly.

Where and how you store the hammocks also matter. Never keep them in close proximity to the small children, flames, and damp conditions. The children may often tear the fabrics apart whereas flames may damage the fabric altogether. The damp conditions usually weaken the fabric by accelerating rotting and the growth of mildews.

While setting up the hammock, be sure to adhere strictly to the manufacturer’s recommendations. They are not given out for nothing. The manufacturers understand their products well and know what you ought to do to forestall any damages or diminished life expectancy. Be mindful also of any hazards that may be in existence in your area.

Flames have never and will never be the best friends of the hammocks. They can and indeed do destroy the fabrics permanently. In your handling of the item, be sure to keep off flames as far away from the hammock as possible. The same should also apply to flammable substances such as paraffin and pesticides.

Use the hammocks moderately. Do not at all overuse them. You do not want to spend too much of your money repairing and maintaining the hammocks, do you? You are strongly urged to use the hammocks only for the outdoor applications which they are designed and intended for. This shall drive down the costs of maintenance.

Do not wait till the hammocks sustain issues before responding appropriately. You should hence adopt a proactive approach to them. With regards to this, you have to see to it that you inspect the hammock and carry out any scheduled maintenance and repairs beforehand. This arrangement will also spare you any unnecessary worries and anxieties.

Be mindful of the weight capacity of the hammock. The fabrics are only that much strong. They can thus only accommodate a certain maximum weight. Subjecting your hammock to weights greater than the recommended amount will often accelerate the pace of wear and tear. This will lead to a diminished life expectancy.

Lastly, the number of occupants also count. Just like the hammocks can only accommodate a given weight at a time, they too can also only accommodate a given number of occupants at a time. Take care of this as well. Overwhelming your hammock will often lead to an accelerated pace of deterioration and too much maintenance expenses.


Well, keeping your hammock in the best shape and form at all times takes a great deal of effort and investments, as you may already have noted. You really have to roll your sleeves to be able to do a good job. The manufacturer’s manual is by all means your best bet and companion in the process.

Published by Joseph Nicholls