'Men and women, boys and girls need heroes to look up to, and to aspire to be. There are thousands upon thousands of books and films about amazing athletes, scientists, artists and explorers, but they're almost all men. Girls get princesses and mermaids - sure, not necessarily the worst career choices, but there aren't enough castles and beaches for the world's 3.5 billion women.

This book brings incredible women out of the shadows, celebrates their success and acknowledges their achievements. Certain to empower and inspire women and girls everywhere.'

This book was amazing.

I loved this book. I have recently been on a wonderful, empowering female kick and this book just put a spring in my step. I loved getting to read about some of the amazing women that I look up to and admire like J.K. Rowling and Oprah. This book is overflowing with amazing women that have achieved amazing things.

The layout of this book was wonderful. A new trailblazing women to read about for each letter of the alphabet as well as bonus groundbreaking, record-setting, mind-blowing women at the back of the book.

Not only is this book filled with wonderful information about these inspiring women, each addition is perfectly complimented by beautiful illustrations. After reading this book from start to finish I went back just to look at and admire the illustrations.

I only wish a book like this had of existed when I was a young girl. Reading it was inspiring and filled me with such joy thinking about all of the young girls out there who are going to get the chance to learn about and look up to these amazing women.

I honestly don't have a bad word to say about this book. I have already read it multiple times and I have made a list of all of the women and young girls I will be buying a copy for.

The A-Z of Wonder Women by Yvonne Lin is a must have for all young readers, especially young girls.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker