Young aborigine boy dressed in ceremonial garb

Written By: Gary Wonning

The Dream time has different meanings, sometimes you are just using memory, or if   the dream is about the  future it is imagination and when we dream, we are creating our future.

Dream time is just anything or any experience in the  past.
All spiritual beings, instead of settling earth they say they dreamed it up, when you go on trip, you dream it up first.
All travel costs in energy, time, and money.

photo of Ayres rock
The aborigines of Australia

As an example: When you go to Cairns, time and travel is just a dream, if you interacted with no one, there is no proof you were there.
Money doesn't disappear, it just changes place or form. When you spend all your time and money on earth the physical body dies, we have a bank of energy when we are born, when it is gone, we die.
Spiritual energy doesn't die, a car suddenly stops that just ran out of petrol. When we run  out of petrol, our body dies.
Lifetime is called a dreaming (destiny) aborigines say they  are scientist and we are all spiritual beings.


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