Human beings are by nature gregarious. We enjoy being around one another. God created us so that we ought not be alone. That’s why He created Eve for Adam. He created them, male and female, to support one another, to provide strength and companionship, to provide the others' needs, and to be fruitful and multiply as He commanded them. But this post is not about sex issues, as so many would jump to the conclusion. This is about the dependency that can develop using artificial means to provide that God-given need for companionship.

Here I am speaking of the computer world, not the physical. Everything has a good side and a bad side. When a potentially good thing is misused, it can leave repercussions that have a tendency to spread to other users. Hacking is an example. Viruses are introduced. Your computer or device may end up destroyed or severely limited. All this is caused by the usage of this powerful device made up of plastic, chips and wires that we call a computer.

What am I getting at, you ask? Just this. If the computer wasn’t so advanced as it is today, we wouldn’t have folks going on it to find companionship, something that up until recent times we did one on one and face to face. Do you realize the incredible power of this thing to reach others throughout the whole world?? Some have, and they’re getting super-rich because of it, at the emotional expense of those who depend on it like a powerful drug. Technology has advanced so far in such recent times that I personally find it mind-boggling.

Social media, I believe, is both a blessing and curse. We have been given by God Almighty the desire and need to be around others, to impress them, to leave a mark upon the heart, to remember others by, to stand up for a cause, and to communicate and publish our own personalities, wants and cares. The internet has grown so vast so much and so soon because of our innate need for other people. Social media is so popular because of it. That’s why it’s called “social.”

However I believe the line needs to be drawn somewhere. If you spend your life on a computer, you reap the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits and curses from such a life. You develop a bad back or poor circulation in your body. You see and hear things you ought not to have seen or heard if it was not for the incredible temptations the computer allows. You tend to gravitate toward those with what and whom you are interested, and it becomes a vicious cycle of dependency and fulfillment, a “fix,” if you would. Even advertisements (which I believe are a curse in themselves) are geared toward your interests, your personality, where you live and what you do in your life. The possibilities are endless, and they either reap much blessing if they are given by God, or curse if by the Devil. And since the Devil is the prince of the power of the air (communications, music, entertainment, news, politics, religion, etc.), he seems to get the upper hand in the internet world.

I’m not going to dwell on Facebook or Twitter but they are two of the most powerful social media in existence today. It is not just them, it’s what we’ve become because of them. It’s about the advancement in technology for gain or good, for wrong or right, for better or for worse. The internet can be a huge blessing and source of great Godly reward if it is used for God’s glory. Or, if you’re like most people, you want to indulge in your own lusts (this does not just mean sexual) and you end up in a hopeless situation. I’ve heard of countless divorces, families splitting apart and lives destroyed because of the infamous evil power of the internet. Online dating services and porn are two detrimental sources of the destruction of souls. I can list many more but I grow weary of typing.

There is much evil in this world today, and I am here to tell you in this blog that God sent His Son to take upon the evil and destroy it through His vicarious death on the Cross for you and me. This is my God-given avenue through the “information superhighway” we call the internet. From day one that God placed me on this path of writing online, He has grown me and shown me how to be a powerful witness showing forth the light of His glorious Gospel, that being, the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. How many souls have been saved from this witness? Only God knows, but I remain faithful to the cause of Christ. This is the main thrust of my presence here, as are others so devoted to seeing souls saved and going to Heaven.

The internet is truly a powerful vehicle for much good or much evil. We are to choose which beast we feed.

Published by Denise Diehl