In life, we usually admire something based on a trait that we can relate to. Sometimes we admire something because of its ability to fascinate us or blow our mind.

When it comes to love or relationship, there’s a term called “secret admirer” where either a boy or a girl admire each other from afar without the one who is being admired knowing. In recent times, I’ve come to admire someone because of the traits  the person possesses and the person’s nature. He is a supreme being who cannot be seen. He is called the omnipresent because he  sees everything. He is someone who has so many names and attributes. Some call him Omnipotent, Omniscient etc. He is someone who knows the beginning from the end. He is widely known by the 3 letter word name “God”.

He is so awesome to the extent that he is described in songs as a God who is not created by human hands, a God who is not dependent on any mortal man neither is he a God in need of anything we can give. He is described as unchangeable, unshakable and unstoppable. He is so powerful to the extent the sound of his name alone can make mountains bow down and make the seas roar.

His names or attributes don’t necessarily attract my admiration like His works do. I remember the creation story (Genesis 1:3) where the earth was without form and His spirit moved upon the waters and then He said “Let there be light” and instantly there was light. It makes me wonder who the Hell is this person?. In another instance, the son of this same God does something similar by calming a raging storm just by word of mouth. And I begin to wonder, how possible?


One thing that fascinates me about Him in Exodus 3:14 is when Moses asked Him what should he say to the children of Israel when they ask him what His name is and He said: “I AM THAT I AM”.

And then I remember when Moses was trying to deliver the Israelites from the wicked hands of Pharaoh something amazing happened when they got to the red sea. This same “I AM THAT I AM” God  caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind and the waters divided and there was dry land for the Israelites to walk on after Moses had stretched out his hand over the sea. As if that was not enough this God commanded Moses to stretch forth his hand over the sea again and the sea went back to its original form and drowned the chariots and horsemen of pharaoh when they tried pursuing the Israelites. (Exodus 14:21-31). Why shouldn’t I trust this God with my life?


As if that was not enough, this same God made bread rain from heaven for the Israelites for forty good years just when they thought they’d die out of hunger in the wilderness. (Exodus 16:4-36). It would interest you to know that upon all the manna that fell the Israelites were craving for meat and started grumbling among themselves and pressurized Moses .


God sent forth a wind that brought quails to the Israelites

God heard the cry of Moses and sent forth a wind that brought quails from the sea and let them fall by the camp of the Israelites. (Numbers 11:31-32). It didn’t just stop there; just when the Israelites thought they were going to die of thirst, this same “I AM THAT I AM GOD” stood upon a rock and commanded Moses to smite that rock and out of it came water for the Israelites to drink. (Exodus 17:6). Isn’t this God so loving and caring? Why can’t I trust this God to provide me with my daily bread?


How possible for ravens to feed bring food to a human being?

Before I expose you to another dimension of this God, permit me to give you 2 other instances. Screenshot_2016-07-31-22-25-48-1 Did you know that God commanded ravens to feed Elijah? (1 Kings 17). NB: (Ravens are omnivorous birds whose diets usually contain insects, seeds, berries, carrion and occasionally small mammals). In 1 kings 19:4 God sent an angel to provide Elijah with baked cake and water even when he requested God to take his life after running away from the threat of Jezebel?

After all, this wonders this “I AM THAT I AM” God decides to show the whole world how saturated his DNA is with Love so he decides to send His one and only begotten to come into the world and die for the transgressions of humanity. Look at how He does it. He defies the logic of science and makes a woman conceive without sexual intercourse resulting in what I call a “miracle baby” (Luke 1: 26-38).

This miracle gave way for His  mission to be accomplished i.e. dying on the cross for our sins which is the greatest act of love but even in doing that, he defies logic again and resurrects from the dead on the third day. But before he did that let me show you the wonders he did. When he got to a marriage ceremony and realized there was no wine but only water, he turned that water into wine (John 2:1-11). Interesting right?.  This miracle embodiment of the “I AM THAT I AM God” Jesus goes to Bethany and raises a man called Lazarus who was in a tomb for four days (John 11:41-44). Can you imagine what a dead body would look like after being in a tomb for four good days?


if only…

Just then I remember Jesus multiplying 5 loaves and 2 fishes to feed multitudes when they were hungry. (Mark 6:30-44),and then someone touched the hem of his garment and got healed (Matthew 9:20). Unbelievable right?


As if that wasn’t enough, Jesus makes a mockery of hygiene by spitting on the ground and mixing it with clay to anoint the eyes of a blind man. (John 9:6). Disgusting?

Just then I remember when they didn’t have money to pay tax, Jesus told peter to go cast a hook into the sea and peter found a coin in the mouth of the fish to pay the tax. (Matthew 17:27)

After all these miracles, I tried to find out how this God looks like and what I found was beyond my imagination.



I guess by now you’ve understood why i admire this supreme being very much. Before I end, did you also know Jesus defied the law of floatation and walked on water?




Published by Desmond Tawiah