‘ARMY! ’ Yes, They had it and a very powerful one. Destruction - as far as the eyes can see! Dead Bodies horrifying the scene! Not even the women or the old were spared! The residue was just the blood which painted the floor! Resources raided, No survival, Land captured!!! They came with the troops- THE INVINCIBLE TROOPS- which gave Goosebumps to people who saw it. It was a genocidal war, a devastating one, but just a beginning, for many other wars were to be fought. But this is and will remain the most furious one. It was the beginning of – THE AGE OF MYTHOLOGY.

Happy souls doing their everyday work and enjoying the time in their village- Olympus, The Greek capital. Little did the people then know about what was happening between their king and his rival’s kingdom- Asgard, the Norse capital. Each was furious at the other. Drunk with the power the gods gave them, they vowed to destroy and squeeze the other under their feet. To prove their superiority they turned to violence and weapons- The only option Gods were scared that they would use. The Norse went with Odin as their God while the Olympians called for Zeus, The God of Gods. The almighties had no option but to accept it, for the prayers of the mortals fueled their immortality. They, although unwillingly, agreed to go against each other. And, thus, the two kingdoms were announced to be in a state of WAR. Preparations begin in Olympus.

More villagers are now made to go for resources and the army. More and more building are turned into barracks because training of the troops has to be faster than ever. Armory, Archery range, Stables and various training centers are made. Almost three-fourth of the villagers are trained to be in army. But the most important is the Temple, where the godly weapons and creatures are received. After loads of prayers and sacrifices, the gods sent their deadly troops- Fire Monster, Ice Monster, Hydra, Troll and then the giants. But this isn’t all. Hundreds of javelin throwers, thousands of archers and many more Swordsmen are ready at the army camp. Yet the king wants more because he knew that his opponent is equally powerful. He then decided to do something that, if successful, unleashes a monster that would dismantle the earth! No one before had done this and for a good reason. He announced for the ultimate pray! The ultimate pray is a special prayer to God who in return rewards with a Titan! A Huge Titan!

Finally comes the moment when the two kingdoms have to give their best shot against one another. It is The Battle day. Olympus is too overconfident for its win. The two armies stand facing each other for the last time. And the Alarm rings!!! “Attack” Shouts the Norse, “Destroy them” Screams the Olympian! And nothing more is said. What spoke next are just the swords. The clinging of swords and the rumbling of horses is the only sound audible! The blood has stained the heather! “Seems to be an easy win” says the Olympian. But suddenly…What??? The Norse has a Titan. “Bless my soul!!!… It’s Kronos- The strongest of the Titans.” And it all changed. The Libra on which stood the two set of warriors went in the favor of the Norse. The Olympian king, after watching his army facing defeat, ran to his castle. Driven mad with hopeless longing, he committed suicide! Although Zeus’ followers are defeated, the fight isn’t over. The Titan goes wild and dismantles the red arena on which lay the dead. Watching this happen the God of war, Ares, enters the ring and defeats Kronos. Nothing is left and the result is catastrophic! The wind blows harder than ever.

No one survived. The war destroyed all. It was a shame for humans and a big lesson that needed to be learned. There wasn’t any loser nor were any winners but there were criminals against nature. And the nature retaliated.

It wasn’t just the fault of the humans but the gods played an equal role in this crime. They could’ve avoided the war but laden with the sack of selfishness they thought of their own life rather than those of the innocents.  

It was a history, a history which could never be erased, a history written in blood. They were the cause of their own destruction.

Despite everything we are the one who mark our own MYTH-O-LOGICAL DESTINY

Published by Laksh! Born Politician. Proud Indian. Aspiring Writer.