The stars align and the energy around us moves not for our longings and desires but for what is needed for us to live a full life. To grow in wisdom and strength. And to build solid foundations to stand on. 

The truth shakes our dreams and thoughts into reality; to see with full clarity the spectrum of life and the experiences it brings forward to the table.

Open your eyes and see the path you are following. Set ablaze your journey, ignite your passion and create with love and peace as guidance.
The only constant is change and nothing lasts forever but by living in the moment, the memories and lessons can last a lifetime.

Live in the now and be filled with enjoyment and humbleness.
Learn from the past but do not let it control the now or the future.
Create for the future with an abundance of love and understanding in your heart and let yourself go with the flow.

Do not fight against what the universe has planned for you. Let the magic overtake and trust that challenges will be overcome and that hope and peace will fill up your inner soul along the way and guide you to the stars and beyond. 



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Published by Jacqueline Ann Lente