So many things can happen to a person on their journey between the altar and the door of a church. Someone can enter through those doors, have an encounter with their Savior at the altar, and leave through those same doors again as a completely different person—a person without the weight of the world on their shoulders and with the knowledge that they are loved and saved. Someone else who is already saved could enter through those doors and need godly encouragement, teaching and receive that while at the altar. When that person exits, they are better and more-equipped than they were when they entered. Both of the aforementioned are examples of what should happen between the altar and the door; however, I want to discuss an epidemic that has been sweeping across churches for far too long—an epidemic that exists between the altar and the door.

Too many of us have been deceived into believing that we can act one way at the altar, but once we exit through the doors, we are a completely different a person—a person okay with living a life that is less than the life God has called us to. Sometimes that life can involve sinning and doing things we know we shouldn’t, but we do them any because we’re comfortable and familiar with them. I want to state a few truths that so many of us tend to brush over and avoid or may not even know:


1. Christian life is not easy, and being a Christian means constantly getting pushed out of your comfort zone and into unfamiliar territory. 
It means giving up everything that you once knew and facing persecution at every turn. The world doesn’t understand you and your undying faith and total surrender to a God that the world has denied and rejected for centuries. Being a Christian means constantly growing in the glory and love of God. It doesn’t mean staying in the same rut (or pew) day in and day out, following a routine of coming to church on Sundays and maybe reading the Bible once in a while, and thinking that is enough. God is constantly calling to grow and step out on faith, to be a witness and leave our comfort zone, and to be uncomfortable but trust and rely on Him.


2. Being a Christian means that your life is not your own anymore.
To many of us, not being able to be the own lord of our life is scary and unwanted. However, allowing God to direct our steps and fulfill His plans and desires for us rather than pursuing our own is and will always be worth it. If you think your plans are good, wait until you see God’s. Everything dims in comparison to the perfection and glory that is God, and His creations and plans only reflect who He is.


3. Who you are at the altar should reflect who you are at the door. 
You will never get anywhere in this life by acting and pretending to be someone you’re not. Either you’re the person at the altar who loves God and wants more, or you’re the person at the door who is content with a life of contempt. You cannot be both.


4. Choosing to really live for God both at the altar and the door will always be worth it.
Even though it may not be easy, it will always be better. God will give you so much more than anything this world could ever offer. Don’t be afraid of leaving your worldly comforts and what you knew behind. You will find rest, peace, joy, love, and everything else good in God. He will never let you go without anything you need, and He wants you to choose Him every time.

Published by Amber Oglesby