It is currently August 23, 2016 and I am leaving for vacation on September 5, 2016.  That means there is a total of 12 days until I get to sit on a beach, 8 work days until I get to relax near a pool.  It's been a little over a year since my husband and I took a vacation.  Last year we went to Ocean City, NJ and we had a blast.  We found a dog-friendly beach and I was convinced that dogs + beach = heaven.  Even though we didn't have our dog with us, it was so much fun watching the dogs run and play in the water and sometimes come up to you for a quick petting session.

This year, we are headed to Ocean City, MD.  My husband always wonders why I say I love the beach so much because I usually don't go far out into the ocean.  I really just love sitting on the beach, feeling the warm breeze.  It's so relaxing and the cool water is so refreshing even if you just get in up to your knees.  I love everything about it.  We got a pool side room because I know how much my husband loves to swim and the hotel is right on the beach.  I am so excited, I just cannot wait!

I bought some new swimsuits for the occasion and I'll be posting those on my fashion blog as well as some other vacation wear (  I'll be posting a lot on Instagram, Twitter, my blog, Facebook, all of social media :)  If you'd like to follow me on Facebook:

And I'd like to know, where you planning on vacationing?  Leave me some suggestions for upcoming vacation spots in the comments!

Published by Christine Murphy