Today, with there being an app for just about everything, it’s no surprise that apps are taking on the entertainment industry.  Not only can you entertain yourself with gaming apps, but you can entertain a whole event or function with the help of an app that is dominating the entertainment industry. That app is the Special Guest App, a live music app that makes booking live entertainment easy anywhere, anytime, for anyone. This app, created by actor and comedian Damon Wayans Jr. and entrepreneur and serial bestselling author Kristopher Jones, is transforming the way performers are booked.

Wayans came up with the idea for this app after seeing his friends and colleagues not able to get the same opportunities that he has had. Coming from a very famous family and having great management, Wayans saw how unfair it was to those talented individuals who were not as fortunate as he has been. He wanted to give those people the opportunity to have the same opportunities he had.  The solution was to come up with an app where talent can get the word out about themselves and their services. Wayans was able to collaborate with tech genius and serial entrepreneur Kris Jones to make his idea come to life and together they created the Special Guest App. From magicians to musicians, you can book or promote any type of talent on the Special Guest App without the need for any sort of management.

Featured on Apple's original TV Show, Planet of the Apps, Special Guest gives anyone who wants to promote their services a platform to get their name out there and book gigs. On the app, they are able to not only sell themselves to potential employers, but also negotiate prices and collect payment right on the app! Instead of going out and performing for free on the streets or volunteering your services to get your name out there, this app gives individuals the opportunity to show those looking to purchase talent what they have to offer.

Not only is this app a great feature for those interested in promoting themselves, but also for those interested in booking entertainment. Instead of just having a CD play on repeat in the background at your next party or function, the Special Guest App gives you the opportunity to book live entertainment at the tip of your finger.  Being able to search for entertainers with a specific talent in your area and having numerous options pop up right on your screen makes hiring live talent a breeze. Not to mention you are able to look at reviews of each performer and negotiate payment deals right on the app.

The Special Guest App is dominating the entertainment industry for a reason. This original app is able to provide opportunities or services to anyone who has something to offer or wants to enjoy live entertainment. Booking gigs or booking talent for your next event has never been so easy!


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