A year ago I bought an apple watch when they first came out in the apple store in Melbourne.  I love it and don't know how I would live without it.  Only one thing though.  It's very geeky looking.

I've tried putting it with my pandora bracelet but it's too heavy and knocks the watch onto the screen all the time.

I have since discovered fine bracelets from Country Road that are $15 each and they really do give the watch a not so geeky "I work at the genius bar" look.

Couple the watch with a few new apple bands, (yes they have a much wider selection now) and off you go.

A friend of mine is actually buying her band on ebay, so I have to catch up with her and find out if they actually work. 

Here are some pictures of me styling my apple watch.  As you can see, I have the base sports model.  It goes great with any band even though it's the cheapest model on the market.

The navy sports band.

The brown leather band.

The lilac sports band.

My favourite band, the milano loop!


As you can see, my bracelets are so small and light that they don't knock the wake button for the screen and they add a little something extra, so I can answer texts and talk on my phone from my wrist.

Another great function of this watch is that it's voice activated, so that if you are driving you can get it to call your phone and the call goes through your car speakers if your car has that function.

With maps the watch actually taps you 3 times to go left and 5 to go right, just make sure you have the maps app open on your phone.

My favourite function by far is the fact that you can hear your phone ringing from your wrist when its in your bag and you can press answer on the watch while you grab it out of your bag, how good is that!  Never miss a call.

This is why I can't live without my apple watch and all other watches seem obsolete!

Till next blog!

Suuze xx

Published by Susan Crowe