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It doesn’t seem like all that long ago when I had a flip phone that required me to push the same button three times in a row just to type a single letter. I know I’m dating myself back about 10 years, but my point is that a lot has changed in a small amount of time. Even though many negative things have come along with the advent of the smart phone (selfies, cyber bullying, Tinder, etc.), many positive things have happened as well. Thanks to the modern-day smartphone I consistently check my email, have immediate access to breaking news, and can download a plethora of apps that make different aspects of my life easier than ever before. Even though certain apps are nearly useless, there are many out there that I LOVE. Here are some of my favorites!


Lose It!

I’ve talked about Lose It! in my blog posts before, but just in case you didn’t read those it’s one of my favorite diet apps! Lose It! allows you to track the calories, fat, and protein of what you’ve eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack breaks. What I like about their food library is that it’s not only extensive, but can be filtered by packaging bar codes. You also have the ability to add your own recipes. With this app, you can track your fitness routine into your daily activities as well. Lose It! will calculate your current weight and height with your desired weight and give you a daily plan. I like this because it takes the hard math out of it for me!



I have the WordPress app because this blog is run off of WordPress! For me, this means that I can edit a post or page off of my phone at any time. Even though I use that functionality sometimes, I mainly use it to check my stats! Even if you aren’t a blogger per say, if you have a WordPress account, the app can be great for easily accessing other blog posts off your mobile device.



For me, Instagram is important. I also have other social apps installed on my phone such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, but Instagram is special because it is designed with mobile devices in mind. You cannot upload a photo to Instagram unless it’s from a mobile device (in most cases). Also, I enjoy this platform more than some of the other social platforms out there since it tends to encourage positivity. I like to follow accounts that either cover food, animals, or memes. These accounts either make me laugh or put a smile on my face. I definitely need them to counteract the constant negativity from Facebook.


Sudoku (or any “brain game” for that matter)

I’m a nerd when it comes to brain games! Not only do they help get your mind off of stressful situations, but they’re good for you! I used to play Lumosity, but I didn’t like how they only let you play certain games on certain days. I understood it was all part of their “brain training”, but I got a little burnt out. I’ve always like strategy games or puzzle games such as Sudoku! After playing it for a while, you’ll start to see that your organizational skills will improve throughout different parts of your life.



Many of you are familiar with Yelp already. Like any other review site, you have to take what people say with a grain of salt. Most people don’t post anything unless they’ve had an unusually positive or negative experience. Despite knowing this, I love using Yelp when I’m in a part of San Diego that I’m not overly familiar with. For example, I like going out to North Park and Downtown, but there are so many restaurants and bars that I’ve never been too! Not only will Yelp show the most popular menu items and general price range, but it will give you the location and hours of operation! This can be super helpful for spontaneous nights out with your friends!



I recently received a Nikon 3400 DSLR camera for Christmas from my parents, (thank you guys!) which I am obsessed with. SnapBridge is the mobile app associated with Nikon products. I believe Canon and other competitors have their own version too, but I’m not entirely sure what they are. What’s great about SnapBridge is that I can take a photo off of my Nikon and send it directly to my phone via Bluetooth connection. I actually used this when I wrote a blog post a couple weeks ago where I used a high resolution photo of my cat, Ringo. It was incredibly convenient and saved me the time of turning on my computer and uploading files from my SD card.


There are many more helpful apps out there, but these are some of my favorites. If any of these look like they might be useful for you, go ahead and download them to check them out!

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