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I think by now my love of national parks has probably become apparent so that’s why I’m going to get things going with another one that I have yet to visit, Arches National Park. For those that are unfamiliar with this park it’s located in the state of Utah on the Colorado River. The name of this park says it all, there’s a lot of arches, over 2000 naturally occurring ones to be a precise which is one of my main reasons for wanting to explore there. There’s a ton of hiking to be done throughout the park and with the countless awesome landmarks and sites to be seen it would be easy to spend a long time just roaming and seeing what’s out there. Along with the hiking there’s some climbing that can be done out there in certain areas and a few other cool things like biking and even laying out to camp. A cool thing about the park is that there’s not much for artificial lighting out there so incredible views of the sky can be seen at night. All of these activities and then some are just a few of the reasons that I keep Arches on my list of parks to wander in while I can.

Made by: The Devious Duo, The Trip: Arches National Park, August 2, 2016


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