There are many dancers, actors, singers, and musicians with tremendous amounts of talent that the world should be able to witness. One of the main reasons many entertainers do not reach the levels they are destined for is because they fail to master the art of auditioning. Regardless of the specific art an individual is involved in, it is absolutely crucial that they learn and master the art of effectively auditioning their craft.

Step One of the process is to gather all of the information on the audition. It is important for the artist to understand what is expected of them, so gathering all of the details from the emails they receive, website, or flyers is a great way to make sure they are prepared.

Step Two would be to actually get everything together. It may seem tedious to separate the two, but it is important to go through the checklist to make sure everything is set. It’s important to not only bring resumes, the right clothing, instruments, and photos but to have a variety of samples of art to showcase. For example, if a flyer is not specific on whether the dancer should come prepared with a freestyle or routine, have both prepared as well. Also, it is important to prepare the appropriate type of art for your audience, so doing research is extremely important. Finally, you will feel a lot less nervous and will be able to let your art shine if you know you’re prepared. It’s better to have too much prepared than not enough.

Step Three involves the day of the audition. Make sure to pack everything needed ahead of time and to leave early in case anything unfortunate comes up. When arriving to the studio, make sure to be yourself and greet everyone you meet, from the janitor to the lady stopping by—EVERYONE! It’s a great idea to have a favorite song or stress-relieving routine prepared to calm your nerves.

The Fourth and final step is to relax and perform. Answer any questions and requests with poise and grace. Even if you don’t know something, assert to those you audition for that you are ready and willing to learn it. Relax, Smile, and never second-guess yourself during your audition. Dance, sing, act, and play to your very best. The worst thing this audition can be is a learning experience!

What are some of your audition/interview/important meeting do’s and don’ts?

Published by Bianca Brown