I’ve met many people (and even lived with some) who are constantly working on themselves in order to take out more of their endless opportunities and bring more into the world, in return. It made me wonder: what’s their art? What’s the Art of Improving Yourself?

A couple of years ago, I wouldn’t notice the reasons behind, I wouldn’t care about connecting the dots. Now, however, I am much more likely to go deeper into my surroundings and pay close attention to the little details that usually reveal the most. People are more what they hide than what they show, it’s said.

There’s always a reason why someone is doing or trying to become something. It’s not always the one that they share verbally with you, and sometimes you just need to observe. A friend of mine works really hard to become independent, to become rich — and these are the reasons that he never mentioned but that stand behind his efforts: he enjoys fancy way of living, he enjoys power, and he refuses to let himself be in a position in which he can be humiliated by one of his parents.

So, in order to improve yourself, you first need to have the right reasons. You may lie about them, you may hide them but they need to exist. And by “right” I do not mean socially good or accepted, they need to be motivational for you and need to push you into the forward direction.

What’s next, is identifying where this direction will lead you, or simply stated, defining your goals. Using the SMART method, start by choosing little goals that can contribute to the achievement of a greater goal. In order to do that, you have to know where there’s a necessity of improvement. Decide which your assets and liabilities are. Then, prioritize — which is the most important thing for you to improve? Focus on this specific thing and turn it into your Great goal to achieve, by fulfilling all the little goals that will bring you right there.

Self-improvement is not a process that must be done on your own. In fact, I believe that having constant feedback or at least an understanding and honest, and maybe aspirational individual can be of a great help. For me, there’s no bigger inspiration that someone’s experience and achievements, that being surrounded by motivated people who get things done in the right way. Or, in the right way for them. I used to acquire other people’s dreams at one time — and this is the biggest mistake of all. You can get motivated by others, but do things in your own way, see what works for you and never wish to become someone else. You can be LIKE them, but you can’t BE them. Because you are you, you have your own assets and talents, and your own capacities, and you are perfectly unique.

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If you do not know how to begin, or how to get something done, don’t be hesitant and seek out information, by reading articles on the topics, or reaching out to individuals who can help you. We’re lucky today to be provided with uncountable opportunities to gain knowledge — Internet actually connects people with similar ideas and needs. Be connected. Be proactive.

However, the most important and the most difficult (for me) is actually doing what you’ve decided to do. You can have a clear picture in your head, you can have your reasons and set goals, you can read thousands of articles per day and talk to hundreds of people — but none of these will really matter unless you start doing it. This is my major challenge, which, honestly, I haven’t dared to accept yet. I’ve recognized it, though, which counts as a little win, but I still haven’t said ‘try me’.

Why do I procrastinate? It’s a tough question that requires much thinking, much frankness and much bravery to answer, and I’m not ready to face it right now. It’s going to take much more than 600 words, and much deeper understanding of myself in order to cope with procrastination, which, by the way, is one of my most impacting liabilities. Obviously.

So, what’s the Art of Improving Yourself? It’s ‘Doing’.

Isn’t it?

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Published by Iliyana Dadarova