Imagine running with this crowd of people. Is that you leading the pack? How about that person in red in the middle? Or are you the one that has never run this type of race before? This is an event that's either made up of half-marathon or marathon runners. Each runner is placed in three categories: the competitive athlete, the seasoned/trained for this event runner, and the "I just signed up so I trained a little or not at all" participant. The commonality amongst these three is that they all possess a level of persistence that led them to the start of the line. 

Before becoming persistent in anything, you must ask yourself these two questions: "Why am I chasing after this?" and "What will I gain from this?". If you haven't noticed by now but there is a level of "me" when you decide to become persistent. You can't just go after something without any level of benefit for yourself. There are instances where you're helping someone succeed at something that may seem like it doesn't benefit you whatsoever but that feeling of satisfaction for giving your time to someone else to succeed is aim towards you nonetheless. 

In my last article  Persistence Wears Out Resistance, I mentioned foregoing the feeling of rejection for the benefit of growth and eventual movement towards your desired outcome. Let's focus a little more on the person you are chasing though. Why are you chasing her or him? Other than the fact that you are attracted to that individual (physical traits mainly at this point if you haven't chatted yet) then what's the point in adding that person's contact info into your phone? What makes that person worthy enough to sit across from you at the dinner table to have an hour, or longer, dinner session? If you're only after one physical goal (knocking boots hint hint) then no judging to you my friend, I'm glad you can admit it wholeheartedly.

Persistence to achieve a goal, especially if it's one that doesn't bring forth any fruits of your labor until years down the line, is what will carry you forth through all the hard times. You must make clear sense that what you're going for is really worth it. You're the one driving the actions towards this end goal so continually asking yourself if it's worth it and what you'll gain from it, will either steer you forward or aim you in another direction.

Understand that it's okay to change your mind along the way as long as you're being honest with yourself. You are the driver of your persistence so make sure you aim it to where you want it to go.

Published by Bryan Agbayani