Upcycling — giving an old and unwanted item a new and better purpose in life which greatly helps save the environment, or simply put — turning otherwise discarded items into something more useful or beautiful, and of better value.

I have been into upcycling for many years before I got to know the term and its definition. In the last few years, I went beyond upcycling junks into only crafty decorations for my home and started experimenting with unwanted or broken items especially plastic bottles and containers, and used them as the basis for my accessories, or wearable art as I call them.

I might not be able to stop or reduce the production of any non-biodegradable materials but having been blessed with the gift of creativity, I can at least play my little part and upcycle these non-environmental-friendly items that I find around me into something beautiful (and I get to wear them too!).  The costs are low except the time invested but once completed, the value of these one-of-a-kind statement accessories is priceless!

Here are a few of my favourite pieces with plastic bottle cut-outs wrapped in one of the most versatile materials I have found - satin bias tapes, before they were manipulated in the desired shapes.  I hope you like them and are inspired to turn junks into treasures!

a piece that bears sentimental value as it was my first piece of upcycled jewellery with plastics


I remember it took me hours to complete this piece!


flower power!


asymmetrical focal point, love it!


I made this as a gift


a long and chunky necklace, my favourite of the favourites! I have used other parts of the plastic bottles too like the cap and the rings, lots and lots of work putting it together!


some months later I added a bracelet to complete the set!

(these are just a few pieces of my upcycled accessories and I am on Instagram @colourfulthreads_of_life sharing my other creations other than jewellery)

Published by Evon Foo