I don’t particularly like it. In fact, I try to avoid it. To me, watching a movie should be a family thing, a group of friends kind of thing or a couple thing. Never an alone thing. 

However, there are certain instances in life where you find yourself single, killing time in the mall and not knowing what else to do but watch a movie to entertain yourself. That’s exactly what happened to me last Tuesday and yesterday.

Me Before You.

Last Sunday, after talking to Tito B. about our US trip, he encouraged me to watch Me Before You.

“I know you and you would love this film.” he said.

I’ve seen the extended trailer in Facebook. Once it came out, friends started posting about how they couldn’t wait to see the film and of course, being gullible old me, I was curious.  I’m not really a big fan of RomComs. If I do end up watching one, I’m the type who likes sad endings. I’ve always felt like there’s too many “happily ever afters” in the world and the trailer made me hope that it can actually be my cup of tea despite the major “kilig” moments highlighted in it.

So last Tuesday, I finally decided to check schedules for Me Before You. It’s been showing for roughly a week now and I was hoping the lines won’t be that long. A 15 minute brisk walk from my office to GB3 and voila! I made it just in time.

Finding Dory

The next day, I had to wait for my cousin who was having a business dinner in GB. She told me early on that she’ll probably be finished with her dinner by 10:30 pm and I agreed to wait up with her.

I originally invited Q to join me for dinner at Torch but she had a last minute work thing. With no pressing errands to run and the idea of eating in a restaurant alone more depressing, I ended up checking cinema schedules again to watch one of my most awaited movie of the year.

Of course, the embarrassing thing was actually buying the ticket. While in line, I noticed that people my age and even a group of ladies who looked like they were in their 40’s were all buying tickets for Independence Day. When I finally got to the seller, she asked me to choose my seat and I was surprised that it was for Independence Day. In a hushed whisper, I said: “Miss, Finding Dory po ako.”.

By the time we got home, with Pepper the Dog on my lap, my cousins asked me how was the movie. I told them it was nice and that I watched two movies in the past two days. Lo and behold, they were surprised. Not just because I watched 2 movies in a cinema on a work night, but because I’ve been watching movies alone.

“Who else will I watch it with? I’m single and all my friends have their own thing.” I replied.

It’s true. I am single and most of my friends have their own things to do every time I ask them to watch a movie with me. Plus, I feel like I’m in an age where I don’t want to feel coerced into watching a movie I don’t truly want to see. Thus, I don’t feel like there’s anything specifically wrong when I watch a movie alone. Although a part of me longs to watch it with friends or a possible special someone, I’m not totally against it. Yes, I don’t like it but, in the rare occasion that I want to watch a movie and no one would like to join me, I don’t mind doing it alone.

 You’re in a dark room full of strangers. Yes. It’s a creepy thought, more so when you’re alone. But, to me, it’s creepier when you’re with someone on your first date. The ironic thing is that even if you’re in a room full of strangers, it’s an escape from everyone else. It’s my own time and I’ll do it with style. Here’s how:

  1. I’ll choose the movie I want to see, not what everyone else is seeing. So what if I’m a girl and I like to watch action movies? What if I like guns, cars and people shooting each other? Movie time is my time and therefore, I have the final say on what I’m seeing.
  2. I’m proud to see these movies. That pivotal moment with the ticket seller when I was in line for Finding Dory made me realize that I should own the moment. It’s not enough to just watch something. I should be happy and take pride in the moment.
  3. I’ll make time for it. Rushing to Me Before You, catching my breath and not being able to buy the mandatory butter and white cheddar popcorn made a difference. Watching a movie is not just about the story or the surround sound. It’s also about the cinema experience. It’s about taking your time to line up for your popcorn, watch the trailers and even the verbal reactions of those around you.

So, try it. Don’t be afraid of it.:)


This was originally posted in my personal blog: https://thingsonreallife.wordpress.com last June 23, 2016.

Published by Marz Llave