The Avid Author's Guide to a Better Write

Hello everyone! Having trouble finishing one project? Do you have too many good ideas and don’t know which to work on? Here’s a list of typical issues and ways to conquer them!

     1. I’ve been working on this story forever and it’s lagging.

Work on something else! No, not another lengthy project. Something short, something quick. This helps get those extra ideas out of your head so that you can focus on your project. It’s kind of like weeding a garden. Once those pesky weeds are out of the way, your vegetables can grow. Try a word prompt or other writing exercise.

     2. I’ve tried writing short works, but I always feel like they need to be developed more. So, I never really finish those either!

Hey, it happens. After all, nobody wants to let go of a good idea! But consider this. When you tell a friend about something that happened to you today, do you develop the story from the time you woke up to the time you started talking to your friend? Of course not! So don’t feel like your work has to include the character’s life story. It can just be what happened to them in a 10-minute period. No, you didn’t tell his whole story, but you told an interesting one, and you can always build on it later! Practice writing flash fiction (or nonfiction) using 400-600 words or less.

     3. I can’t show other people my work unless it’s perfect!

This is a biggie. Take a deep breath. Let it out. Now cut it out! Nobody has ever made anything perfect… ever! But you can make something that’s pretty darn good. Failure IS an option and it has to be if you wish to ever get any better! So, stop second guessing yourself. If you have an idea, don’t think about it too long, just write it down or else you’ll start to think that it’s a dumb idea and you'll never create anything. Write spontaneous poems and silly flash fiction, goodness knows there’s enough of them on my blog. It will help you get your ideas out, to feel more confident in sharing, and, believe it or not, some of those ideas will turn out to be pretty awesome!

Published by Tyler Deal