One of my best friends is a lion. Not the big and scary kind, but the cute and cuddly type. Instead of pointy teeth, my lion has a happy smile on his face. There are no sharp claws on his colourful feet. Nothing frightening at all about my lion friend.

Introducing, the Crinkle and Roar Lion by Vtech. This little guy has been in my toy chest for some time. I liked him from the moment I met him and every time I see him, I just like him more and more. My lion has a very recognizable face. I find memory very funny, and I like to see things that I remember seeing before.

Baby with Vtech crinkle and roar lion toy

Don’t I know you from somewhere?

My lion is bright yellow with a colourful mane around his smiling face. The mane consists of different patters and I love to look at them. So pretty! There are also colours and patterns on his legs and feet. Those are not as interesting to look at, but I do like squeezing the feet to hear them crinkle.

His yellow body is soft to touch and nice to cuddle. Covered in fuzz from head to tail! The tail is one of my favourite parts. It fits so perfectly in my mouth. I love to chew it. Sometimes my gums feel funny and chewing my lion’s tail makes them feel better.

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The Crinkle and Roar lion has three soft buttons on his side. When the buttons are pressed, my lion talks and sings. I’m still unsure about how buttons work. I like to practice my buttons skills on my lion because his look like shapes and colours instead of actual buttons and they are easy to press.

If I stop pressing the buttons, my lion tries to engage me by playing a game with me. He will ask me to find the button of a specific shape and colour. I don’t understand all that yet but mommy helps me figure out what to do. Pressing the right button makes my lion happy and mommy never gets it wrong.

My lion has a built-in motion sensor which makes him talk when shaken. I must admit that I don’t find this very useful. He is too big for me to shake. Or maybe I’m just too small. I am a little peach after all. Sometimes mommy hangs him on my activity gym so that I can bat at him. Then I manage to engage the motion sensor from time to time.

My Crinkle and Roar lion has a mirror attached to his collar. It is not one of those cheap mirrors which distort everything. This mirror shows things how they really are. I wish the mirror was a little bigger. I like mirrors. That’s where that other babylives and I do like that baby. My lion’s mirror is too small for me to see the mirror baby. However I do like to put that mirror in my mouth so it’s not a complete waste.

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