'Since moving to the Liverpudlian seaside after her husband's career change, Emma Chance's life consists of the following: long walks on the beach (with the dog), early nights (with the kids) and Netflix (no chill).

Bored and lonely, when Emma is cordially invited to the exclusive cool school-mums' book club, hosted by Head of PTA and footballer's wife, Jools Jackson, she thinks her luck may finally be about to change. She soon realises she may have made a grave mistake when she realises it's all about books, and less about wine and gossip - but it's always better to stick things out, isn't it?

Or not.

After a few months and a few awkward moments involving a red wine on white carpet accident and a swear-word incident involving Jools's daughter, Emma is ungraciously kicked out of the book club. Exhausted and exiled, she decides it's about time she fights back against the shame and humiliation. Enlisting the help of some similar-thinking mums, Emma sets up her own book club - no cleaners, polite conversation or reading required: this is the BAD MOTHER'S BOOK CLUB.'

This was a fun read.

I really enjoyed this book. The story was totally original but it was a quick read that I really did get engrossed in as the story unfolded.

I loved getting to see the different personalities of each of the women and how they reacted to each other and their families. This made for an interesting dynamic to explore with each chapter.

There was definitely a character for everyone on this book. It was fun watching each of these characters grow and solidify as the story unfolded and as they found their feet in each new situation.

While Keris Stainton touch on some really deep and interesting topics throughout this story; homosexuality, bi-sexuality, infidelity and cancer just to name a few, these topics weren't really delved into which disappointed me. I would have loved to explored these topics with these great characters instead of just touching on them.

Overall this was a quick and ultimatly fun read that had some genuine laugh out loud moments and left me while a smile on my face.

The Bad Mother's Book Club by Keris Stainton is a fun, easy read.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker