There have been many ideas swarming around my head that I wanted to use for the first post in the series, The Balance of Life and ultimately I decided to go with something that everyone can relate to. The balance between confliction and resolution is a powerful issue that all types of humans eventually face at one point or another. The conflict being how long a fight or argument will be drawn out for versus the resolution which is the finalized choice in what you are to do about a certain event or decision. Many of us, more often than not, are found stuck in the confliction part of the two because we are unsure of what choice to pick or which route we want to walk. Time, as a whole, will never slow down and will never stop to let people make a choice. When we are born, we are born with a limited amount of time that we must use to live our life.

 Human life is relatively short compared to the length of time that the world has been around. A mere seventy years is the average life span for a human and many of us think that is a lot of time to be alive, but if you factor in that half of that time is spent asleep or resting than you realize that in actuality we may only have around thirty or forty years to actually act on everything. Ten years is spent growing and understanding the world around us and a few more years is spent moving from place to place and doing daily routines such as showering, bathing, and using the bathroom. In the grand scheme of things, we do not have much time in our life to spend stuck on a conflict which is why a balance of confliction and resolution is important.

 An important understanding we humans must understand is that although many conflicts are tricky and require a lot of time to way out the scenarios, you must also understand that with each moment your missing out trying to understand one situation you are missing out on many others. Take some time to take a trip to a peaceful place and clear your mind of everything that is stressful and conflictive and just be at peace. How much calmer would you feel? Does the world seem so bad? Many of the problems that have to do with daily life are all in the mind and are not actually real. How do we understand what is real from fake? Simple. Just listen to your heart when it tells you what path to take. Your body shows you many signs and they often fall on deaf ears because of stubbornness or ignorance. Trust in yourself for at the end of the day, you will only be able to rely on yourself for the rest of your life.

Published by Yukine Alterma