I like Poems and I believe reading and understanding them is poetic and essential at least to me. So when this soulless human being said she would write me a poem I wasn’t really sure what exactly she would write about. I woke up Found myself in the middle of nowhere But only to find I was stuck all by myself In a dry hot desert I walked alone Through the reddish sands With my feet sinking through them I walked all alone Through the day and night Hoping to find my way out There was no water to drink No food to eat The only thing I had Was only me myself And I I tried to walk even more miles But I eventually got tired Ended up crawling I crawled crawled and crawled During my crawl Was then I came across a beast A beast that I was crawling too Trying to find a way out We crawled together days and days But because we think big Think alike We tried to bore a hole In search for water Sadly no water was found We crawled with no strength No power and no hope That was then I started trusting the beast Because it never gave up During our crawl We came across a genie Which granted us only 2 wishes each Instead of us wishing to go back Back from where we belong We didn’t We wished for a safe place to stay On the desert For food to eat Water to drink But most of all Something to keep us going Strong and confidence That something was LOVE Remember every BEAUTY needs a BEAST I think I’m in love… Hala at her, for more info on poems on Facebook

Published by Pascal Marima