July 10, 2016

Hello Beauties,

After reading Beautify Brooke's beautifybrooke.wordpress.com Beauty Tag, I thought how fun!  So I decided to do one as well.  If you like this post, please please do a Beauty Tag as well and tag me so I can read your answers.`

Skin Care

How many times do you wash your face?

I wash my face twice a day; in the morning when I rise and at night when I fall.

What skin type do you have?

I'm between normal and dry.  I only have problems in certain places on my face (around my nose, sides of forehead, and cheeks) and only at certain times.  My skin is a weirdo.

What is your current facial wash?

Currently, I'm using Simple moisturising face wash, but I'll be going back to my number one, Neutrogena.  I just wanted to try something new.

Do you exfoliate? If so, what brand do you use?

I do exfoliate, but not often.  I add this to my skin care routine when I have those annoying dry spots and I use...can you guess??  Neutrogena!!

What moisturizer do you use?

Right now, I'm using Simple protecting light moisturizer along with the face wash.

Do you use eye cream?

Yes, but I don't know why lol. Personally, I can't really tell if it is doing anything for me.

Do you or did you have acne prone skin?

I have never had acne prone skin. (Knock on wood)  I've probably had 5 pimples in my whole life, if that.


What foundation do you use?

Right now, my go-to foundation is Laura Mercier Candleglow soft luminous foundation. Love it so much!

How about concealer?

I never run out of my L.A. girl Pro conceal HD concealer!!!!

Do you know your undertone color?

Honestly, I'm not sure. I've been told warm, but I really don't know the science behind it ☺

What do you think of false lashes?

I love the look of natural looking false lashes...now if only I can figure out how to get them one without putting out an eye.

What brand of mascara do you use?

I use various brands because I love trying new things. Right now, I'm always grabbing my Too Faced Better than Sex mascara. It's better than sex!

Sephora or MAC?

Sephora!!! Of course!! MAC is so overrated.

What makeup tools do you use in makeup application?

Well brushes of course. I started using a beauty blender (well Ulta's version lol) to apply foundation and I'm back to brushes. I have no preference.

Do you use an eye primer?

I havw eye shadow primers, but I like putting some of my concealer on my lids instead.

For the face?

Primer for my face?? Why? What's the point?

Do you use a pencil or liquid eyeliner?

I use both. I like liquid because it stays on longer for me, but pencil gives you more control.

What is your favorite blush?

I don't own many, but I'm enjoying using the blushes from the Stilla Perfect Me, Perfect hue palette.

Do you use lipgloss?

I'm not in high school anymore! Lipsticks all day everyday!

Do you like drugstore makeup?

Of course!  Drugstore makeup is where I began my love for makeup.

Name a makeup crime you hate?

OMG there are sooo many...hmm...I really hate when girls wear those really thick, false lashes.  I just want to pull them off!

Do you prefer colorful shades of makeup or neutral ones?

I love color when it colors to lippies and perfer more neutral tones when it comes to shadows.

If you have to leave the house with just one makeup product on, what would it be?

Gosh, just one!  I have to fill in my brows baby! Brows frames the whole face.

What do you think of makeup?

Well obviously I love makeup!!  I enjoy getting all dolled up, creating new looks, and experimenting with colors.  It's Art!

I can't wait to read your Beauty Tag!!

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