We were laying on our bed when we looked at each other and said "Why wait?" 

Our dreams were wild and infinite, and took us to the ends of the earth and back. We had been married for less than a year, and wanderlust was already rearing its ugly head. 

Why not move overseas as soon as I graduated? Why wait for....what were we waiting for anyway? 

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people talk about going places someday.

Someday I'll visit Niagara Falls.

Someday I'll go on a cruise. 

Someday when our kids are out of the house, we'll go to the Grand Canyon. *cue Hover Round theme song* 

Someday is not a word that I like to include in my own personal vocabulary, and thankfully my husband feels the same. We love to travel, and dream of the day when we can explore the world with our own children, the way our families did with each of us. Yet somehow, at that moment, we had come painfully close to the edge of someday.

The plan was to wait up to three years after I graduated college; Caleb had a great job in finance, and I would have no problem finding a teaching job in Pennsylvania. In the end, we realized the plan we had didn't really suit us, and we started looking for jobs overseas.

And that's where we are now; living and working in a small town in Japan.

I had blogged quite a bit here when we first got married, but decided that with our official move overseas, it was time to start something new. We Are the Andersons was then birthed, and since moving to Japan in April, I've written about transitioning into a new culture, as well as posts about traveling throughout Japan. I plan to use My Trending Stories to share about our lives in Japan, and bring even more awareness to the beauty of this country. 

I hope you'll follow along.

Published by Kelly Anderson