Day 6

Alexander slowly opened his eyes, as he woke up to the sound of chewing. It sounded like an animal. A hungry animal, devouring something. He saw Cyrus,sitting on his bed,stuffing his face with the last of their supplies. Alex was in shock. He felt betrayed,angry,depressed and hopeless. How could he?What now?What’s left?Is this the end?The thoughts kept rushing through his mind.He leaped of his bed and ran at Cyrus.His friend heard and noticed what is happening,stopped chewing and slowly moved his arm from behind his back to reveal a revolver,cold hard steel,ready to wound,hurt and kill. Alexander stopped right where he was. Where did he get this gun?Is he going to do this?What now?Cyrus noticed that Alex stopped moving and kept eating what was left of their food with the gun pointed at his friend. Alex tried to reason with him,saying that they both need supplies,that they will last,it will be ok. All that matters is that they both get at least something and they will last,they will be alright. Cyrus was just listening,eating and when he was done… He lowered his gun and said that it was just a survival,he did what he had to do to survive. He brought a gun with him in secret, knowing that,with both of them being stuck on this rock,this might be the only means for them to defend themselves and as it turned out,it was a means of survival for Cyrus but not his friend. It kept his friend at bay as he ate the last of the food. Alex was angry. He could not belive the betrayal,what he was hearing,what Cyrus was thinking. That man, cannot have a gun. Alex will not be his prisoner and none of them should have the power over the other. Something had to be done or he will die slowly like a dog and he did not plan on dying there.He leapt at Cyrus to wrestle the gun away.Cyrus reacted fast,he saw this coming.He grabbed on to the gun but he was not fast enough. Alex was on him,wrestling the gun away until the single shot echoed through the ominous lighthouse. Cyrus…was dead.

   During the struggle for the only weapon the two friends had,for the ultimate control tool,Alex turned the gun towards his friend and Cyrus, pushed down on the trigger during the struggle. The moment seemed like it lasted for an eternity. Alex stood speechless,motionless,in shock.His friend lay in front of him,motionless,covered in blood, pouring from his body. The dark thick blood soon was embracing the body and spreading around it slow.He was a killer now. He killed his friend. For what?It was an accident but the man was convinced he was a cold hearted killer,he turned on his friend and for nothing.It was live or die but he was convinced he was in the wrong.He was in shock,lost,confused,angry and heartbroken. He got on his knees,crying,sobbing,head into the wooden floor.Alexander stayed like this all night,sobbing,before his dead friend.

Day 7

As the last day of the week arrived,it seemed like it could not get any worse. What seemed like an amazing week,brimming with opportunity and many more things,an exciting endeavour,it all turned into death,despair,hopelessness and sorrow. Alexander was the architect of his own demise from the start and he did not know it then, but boy,he knew it now. He did not have any food,his best friend was dead.His body lay before him.Storms were still raging on,lighthouse cold,dark and leaking. Alex was a shell,a husk of a man he was when he got here. Shaking from the shock of what happened yesterday,from the cold and the hunger,he was rocking back and forth,trying to stay warm on his bed. The bed was wet now from the storms, and the water coming through damaged lighthouse.Everything seemed hopeless now.All alone,abandoned,hopeless,lost,hungry and cold. It seemed like the end.This was it. This is how it ends. Alex was convinced. He stood up,got closer to the bed of his dead friend and sat down next to him. He took the gun in his hands and looked at the mirror close by,at the reflection he saw. The man he saw was pale,emotionless and destroyed. He was worn out,he had enough.It was not him.Alexander was convinced this is the end, but he always wanted to be master of all and now, he was convinced that if this is the end,he will end it himself,right here and now and nobody will decide otherwise. He will have the last say of what happens to him.If it will happen,it will happen on his terms. He put the cold revolver in his mouth,closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Now,he has said goodbye to his friend and was left with nothing but suffering and despair. 

 A single shot rang out.Loud,piercing the quiet ominous air.Alex fell to the ground.Gun fell to the wooden floor. Warm,sticky,dark blood began to cover the floor of the lighthouse.It was slowly moving away from the lifeless body towards the door. Like a slithering snake,it was as if small part of him was still trying,yearning to leave.It was the same door this man and his best friend entered a week ago. This was destined to happen, but just a week ago,these two men were none the wiser.



Day 8

A team of men assembled by the employer of two friends, brought the supplies at the beginning of the new week.As they opened the thick wooden door of the famous lighthouse, they saw a grizzly picture. Two young men lying dead,covered in the pool of dark blood. Pale,dishevelled and ravaged by the elements, from hunger to storm. One on the floor,with the other on the bed. Both dead from a single shot and the shinning revolver on the floor between them. Between bodies and the dark blood,it was almost like a shinning star in the darkest of nights.So ends their story. They were doomed from the start but like many of us,they never saw it coming. In the end,more than anything, they were each other’s killers even though the trigger was not pulled by a dear friend himself. They died in this lighthouse as they entered it,together,as friends.

P.S. "The beginning of the end" chpater 1 and 2 are up on my page so if you need catching up or a quick reminder it's there and I just wanted to say thank you for reading this. I am glad people have enjoyed this story and thanks for sticking by. It has been my biggest story to date and I am glad I can share with you all.Thank You.


Published by Arthur Lepa